Chrome users: you're going to love this!

We’ve got some great news for Chrome users: the latest version of 1Password includes a completely, 100% awesome revamp of the 1Password extension for Chrome. If we may say so, it’s pretty amazing. With full support for form-filling, Identities and Credit Cards, it not only reaches feature-parity with the Safari and Firefox extensions, you might even think that it passes them up with a great new interface and full access to all of your 1Password data!

The new Chrome extension is, for the time being, only available for Mac users. Windows users, we’ll keep you posted!

We’ve been working hard on this release, and Chrome support has been a major focus as of late. We wanted to give our Chrome users some extra love because we love Chrome, too. Rather than trying to replicate the existing plugins, we concentrated on building a new extension which takes full advantage of all of the cool features Chrome offers. We love it, and we think you will, too.

1Password 3.5 includes some updates and improvements to the desktop version, too. For one, Dropbox setup and usage is easier than ever. We also improved overall performance, reduced memory and disk usage, and refined the interface.

Installing the Chrome Extension

  1. Once you’ve downloaded/updated to version 3.5 of 1Password (use 1Password > Check for Updates in your menubar), go to 1Password > Preferences and click the “Install Google Chrome Extension” at the bottom.


  2. Chrome will open with a welcome screen. You’ll need to tell Chrome that it’s ok to install the extension by clicking “Continue” at the bottom (left side) of the window.


  3. Last step! A dialog will pop up after you hit “Continue,” and will let you know that 1Password needs to access your data (required to handle all of the form-filling goodness in the new extension!). Click “Install” and you’re ready to start making full use of 1Password in Chrome!


You’ll find the 1Password icon at the top of your window, on the right side of your toolbar (it looks like a key). You can click it any time to open up the (gorgeous) new interface, where you can access logins for the current page, search through all of your logins, and access your Credit Cards and Identities. Note that, just like all of the browser extensions, you can type Command-\ at any time to access the 1Password window.

We think you’ll enjoy using the new extension as much as we enjoyed working on it!

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