Easily find duplicate passwords in your logins

As pointed out by Glen on our post about the Gawker hack, there’s an easy way to quickly determine where you’ve used a certain username/password combination, whether it’s already been compromised or you just want to improve your web security before something happens (we recommend the latter).

You probably know by now that the only way to be secure on the web is to use unique passwords on every. single. site. If a password is re-used, even on a site that you don’t consider confidential, that password can be tried all across the web until less savory individuals find the one it works on that you didn’t want anyone getting into. That being said, anyone who’s been on the web for more than a few years likely has a plethora of duplicate passwords on sites they may not even remember existed. If you’ve been using 1Password, here’s how you can find them and fix them.

In 1Password, go to File > New Smart Folder, and you’ll get a bar at the top which lets you define criteria for the smart folder. In its simplest incarnation, you can just choose the password criteria and enter a password you’ve used more than once. Any logins with the same password will show up in the new folder. If you want to narrow it down to just items with the same username and password, simply hit the “+” button on the right to add a Username criteria and enter the email or username that you want to find.

Now you can start the somewhat tedious task of changing logins, but at least you’ll have a roadmap!

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