Firefox 4, 1Password, and You

On March 22, the Mozilla Foundation unleashed Firefox 4 on the browser world. Firefox 4 betas have been available to adventurous users and beta testers for a while, but most users are just now upgrading. Since then, some users have upgraded and found 1Password’s lovely face to be missing.

The good news is that we have you covered. 1Password support for Firefox 4! 1Password users are frequently on the front end of the curve with new browser goodness, so 1Password has had [support for Firefox 4][1] since it was [in beta.][2] In order to get 1Password working in Firefox 4, you’ll just need to enable the Firefox 4-specific browser extension.


1. Quit Firefox and then go to the main 1Password application.
2. Make sure you’re using the latest release by choosing *1Password > Check for Updates…* from the menu bar.
3. Navigate to *1Password > Preferences > Browsers* and check Firefox 4. (If you’ve replaced Firefox 3 so it is no longer on your system, you can also uncheck Firefox 3.)
4. Launch Firefox and things should be back to normal.

![Browser preferences window][3]


### But what if they’re not?

Firefox can be stubborn about extensions sometimes, so there are a few things to double check if 1Password is still missing from Firefox 4 after performing the above steps.

1. Check if the toolbar is just not enabled. You can enable the 1Password toolbar by checking the *View > Toolbars > 1Password Toolbar* menu.
2. Force [a full reinstall][4] of the Firefox extension. Sometimes Firefox holds on to old extension files and this can help clear things up.
3. Try a [fresh Firefox profile][5].


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