1Password Mac: New Chrome Extension + Beta!

I’ve been a huge fan of Google Chrome since its release on the Mac. It’s super fast and stable, and I love that even when I do run into a problem site, I don’t lose the rest of my open tabs, because each one is sandboxed — safely tucked away in a separate process.

When I joined the Agile team (wow…not even two weeks ago?) I was happy to find the team was hard at work on several important improvements to our Chrome extension. Today I am happy to say that we have an update to the 1Password Mac Chrome extension! (Windows update coming soon)

How to Update

Take no action! Just sit back and relax: Chrome automatically updates all of its installed extensions! :)

But if you’re as anxious as I am, you can follow these steps to force Chrome to download the update immediately:

  1. Launch Chrome and go to Window > Extensions.
  2. Click on “Developer Mode” over to the right.
  3. Click on the “Update Extensions Now” button that appears to the left — done!

For more information about 1Password and Chrome, check out our guide.

So What’s New?

Here are some highlights of what you’ll find in our latest release:

Manual Login Saving

It’s here! Now you can save new Login items within Chrome manually. After you have entered your login credentials for a site, just click the 1Password toolbar button to open the 1Password menu, and then click Save New Login.



Obscured Passwords

Passwords are now hidden when viewing the details of a Login item. You can show them by clicking the “Reveal” button which appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the password field. To hide them again, simply click the “Conceal” button. Nice!


Improved Autosubmit Support

Autosubmit has gotten even better! It can now properly handle several new situations, including less common cases where web sites use some very “unique” coding conventions :)

Improved Login Saving and Filling

Last but not least, many improvements have been made to how 1Password saves and fills Logins. We’ve improved the detection of which elements should be saved, added additional support for new HTML 5 elements, and now properly save and restore the state of checkbox fields.


These are the highlights of what’s new but there’s a lot of other cool things going on under the hood in our 1Password Mac Chrome extension that will make it possible to bring you even more exciting new features in the future.

Join The Chrome Beta Team

Now, for all you adventurous sorts out there: We’d love to have you join the beta team. Here’s how:

Getting Started

  1. Remove the official 1Password extension from Chrome (Window > Extensions > 1Password > Uninstall)
  2. Install the beta extension from our download site — simply click “Continue” and “Install” when prompted.
  3. Restart Chrome to make sure everything is updated.
  4. Enjoy! :D

Here’s the changelog so you can keep up-to-date on what’s changed. To report issues and leave feedback, head to the Chrome extension forum.

Back to Basics

If at any time you’d like to return to using the most recent stable version of the 1Password Chrome extension, simply do the following:
  1. Launch Chrome, go to Window > Extensions, and click the Uninstall link at the bottom of the 1Password extension listing.
  2. Quit Chrome
  3. Launch 1Password, go to Preferences > Browsers, and click the “Install Google Chrome Extension” button. (This will launch Chrome, and you will need to click “Continue” and “Install” when prompted.)

Again, this is Mac only at this time, but stay syndicated for future announcements! :)


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