Tips: How to Find Duplicate Passwords

We have talked a lot about the issue with password reuse but we haven’t mentioned on how to find them in 1Password for Mac.

The best way to do this is to first know the password you’re looking for, enter it into the search field of 1Password and press the enter key. You’ll get a bar that drops down to let you set the parameters for the search. For the duplicate passwords, set it to search everywhere and in the password fields only.

1Password Mac - find duplicate passwords

Tip: If there are more than one or two Logins that you’d need to change, save this list as a smart folder. On far right of the search bar, press the Save button to save it. This will let you come back to this list anytime and it’ll be updated after you update each Login with a stronger and distinct password.

After locating the other Logins with the duplicated password, you can tap on the arrow next to the URL in the Login item to visit the site  in your default browser and change the password on the site. 1Password will then prompt you to update the Login. Now, you have one less duplicate password to worry about.

I’ll talk about how to use the search field to locate all of your logins with weak passwords in my next blog post.

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