Using 1Password in Safari on OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Happy Memorial day! I thought our friends in the US would appreciate a surprise on their holiday: 1Password now has great support for OS X 10.7! This will give everyone something to play with during their long weekend. :)

OS X 10.7 brings some fantastic changes and ushers in a completely new approach to how 1Password integrates with Safari. We’re really excited about the possibilities enabled by this new technology. One of the biggest changes you’ll see immediately is an entirely new UI:

Please see this forum post on details on how to enable 1Password on Lion:

Enabling 1Password in Lion

If you have any questions or problems, please [join us in the 1Password beta forum][1] and we’ll be happy to help. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And if you’re not in the US, call in sick on Monday. That’s my plan anyway. ;)


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