OS X Lion and the state of the new 1Password extension (Updated)

OS X Lion

Happy Lion Day everyone! The latest version of Mac OS X is here, and boy is it a whopping upgrade. We’ve been busy getting 1Password and our browser extensions prepared, and I’m pleased to say that version 3.6 brought Lion support, while version 3.6.1 upped the ante for the new Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard.

Apple made some really big changes in Lion and Safari 5.1, so to celebrate these releases and make sure you could keep using 1Password, we introduced a completely redesigned Safari extension. Our goals were simple, as we wanted to make it easier for you to: access and view more of your 1Password information than ever before right in the browser, fill and browse all your items more quickly with a mouse or keyboard, and feel right at home using the extension in all the browsers we support.

We’ve received a ton of positive feedback and suggestions for our new extension, and we want to thank you for all of your input so far. We also know that the new extension isn’t fully feature complete yet when compared to the previous version. To help you stay on top of how we’re improving things and which features we’re still working on, we’ve created a whole new section of FAQs and documents that we’ll keep updated.

Here is our main 1Password FAQs page, and the new section dedicated to our new Safari 5.1 extension is in the top right. There you can find documents like a quick Safari 5.1 extension intro as well as a more thorough explanation of goals. We have a few more that address other issues, so you can bookmark these as we’ll be updating them when we make improvements to the extension:

There are more documents in our Lion/Safari 5.1 FAQ and possibly more to come, so you should definitely check out our updated FAQs to find some of the answers for which you seek. A couple other issues we’re looking into right now: some sites that aren’t playing well with auto-submit (such as Chase.com), the 1Password extension sometimes won’t unlock after you exit private browsing mode (until we squash that last one, restarting Safari should fix the problem), and changes to the Go & Fill behavior. A list of issues like that can be found in our troubleshooting Safari 5.1 doc.

One of the general quirks we’ve heard about the extension is performance—sometimes it has a Case of the Mondays in that it is either a little slow or, in some rare cases, doesn’t respond to keyboard shortcuts. The good news is that we’re putting the finishing polish on a big extension update that should do wonders for performance all-around. The best part? Now that it’s an official Safari extension (if you’re on Lion or Snow Leopard with Safari 5.1 installed, go check Preferences > Extensions and see!), we’ll be able to update it automatically, without even updating the main 1Password app. We hope to get that update out really soon.

I hope this helps explain where we’re at with the new Safari 5.1 extension. Keep an eye on our documentation for updates and we’ll let you know as soon as that big extension update lands!

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  1. David Fox
    David Fox says:

    I’ve updated today to the new 3.6.5beta25 extension after yesterday upgrading to Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard. After 10 mins playing with it here are my concerns. I love 1P very much, and so it suddenly failing on me is disturbing!

    Have to say, I much prefer the older design. My workflow was hit CMD+ALT+\ and start typing the name of the site I want to visit and hit return and i’m logged in. The new design looks clunky and intrusive to me. There’s also whitespace above and below the window-chrome, and the scroll bar is doesn’t looks kind of cramped.

    Personal preference though and i’ll probably get used to it. The old one, for me, was just perfect.

    With this version, it’s often the case that the 1P popup doesn’t appear at all. I’m relaunching Safari to get it working intermittently.

    When I hit CMD+ALT+\ I don’t get to search my complete list of logins, I have to hit TAB every time to switch over to that list. An extra keystroke every time. From the docs I understand that this key combo should do as I want. I’ve checked and re-entered key-combo in the 1P prefs window but still not working.

    When I do manage to get the 1P popup, it always takes me to the top of the webpage i’m currently viewing.

    Hope you’re able to resolve soon. Keep up the good work – you have a wonderfully useful product.


    • David
      David says:

      Thanks for your feedback David. I am particularly curious about the Cmd-Opt-\ workflow, as that has worked as our “Go & Fill” option in the new extension for some time. I wonder if it’s a performance issue, as we’re working on making the extension more snappy. Could you try hitting that shortcut and waiting for a second or two to see if the extension flips you over to the All Logins tab automatically? It’s almost instant on my MacBook Air, but this is a pretty new machine. Let me know.

      But since you’re a keyboard shortcut fan, have you checked out some of the other shortcuts we’ve added to the new extension? The might help you feel more at home. Check out the extension intro post I wrote a little while ago:


      Thanks again for the feedback David. We’re working as hard as we can on some big improvements. Stay tuned.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    I used to be able to press Option while clicking on the 1P button and just fill the form rather than fill-and-submit. I don’t know if that functionality is part of the new extension, but I’d like to see it again.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Jan, thanks for the feedback. I believe that feature is on the to-do list, as we have a few features to still bring back in the new extension. Stay tuned.

  3. Dan Neesley
    Dan Neesley says:

    As bad as the Beta was yesterday, at least it worked occasionally with Safari 5.1. I downloaded the “new and improved” Beta plug-in this morning and all that happens is that I’m ALWAYS take to the plug-in download page. ALWAYS.


    1Password now has NO FUNCTIONALITY!

    MacOSX 10.6.8.
    1Password Version 3.6.5.BETA-1 (build 31070)
    1Password Safari Extension update 7/22/11 8:30 AM CDT

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Dan, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Could you check to make sure that you have extension support enabled in Safari under Preferences > Extensions? Also, could you check to make sure JavaScript is enabled in Safari under Preferences > Security?

      If both of those things are enabled, let’s try a clean install: in Safari, go to Preferences > Extensions and remove the 1Password extension by clicking the Uninstall button. Then quit Safari.

      Open 1Password, go to Preferences > Browsers, and click the Install Safari Extension button. This should start Safari and prompt you to install the extension. Then see if that one behaves better for you.

      If you’re still having trouble, it might be time to email us a diagnostics report so we can look further into what’s going on. In 1Password, go to Help > Troubleshooting > Diagnostics Report. Export it as a file, attach it to an email, and send it to support@agilebits.com.

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    Alongside the many other issues people have mentioned (slow performance, no single-keystroke login, obnoxious new UI) 1Password seems to no longer offer to replace currently saved passwords. So if I change login credentials for a site already in 1Password it just offers to save it as a new login rather than, as before, replace the existing details.

    You guys had built up such a good reputation for quick and comprehensive updates but this Safari 5.1 release is pretty much a disaster. There’s no way I could recommend someone buy it as it is. I’m sure you’ll get things sorted but I hope it’s sooner rather than later. 1Password has become such a critical part of my Mac use that when it’s not working very well, I really feel it.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. Replacing passwords in existing Logins is another feature we’re working hard to restore in the new extension. We hope to have some big updates soon, so stay tuned and we’ll announce here on the blog.

  5. Martin
    Martin says:

    Hmm :-(
    1 – on some pages 1Passw. button do nothing
    2 – on pages, where is a login window (from Safari), i cannot click to 1Passw. button

    OS X 10.7 + Safari 5.1 + 1Password 3.6.1 (build 31057)

    • David
      David says:

      Let’s make sure you’re all set up with the latest version of 1Password and our new extension, which supports Safari 5.1 on Lion and Snow Leopard:

      • First, quit Safari, open 1Password, and go to 1Password > Check for Updates to make sure you’re running the latest version
      • If there is an update waiting for you, perform the update, and once 1Password restarts, enter your Master Password to unlock it.
      • 1Password should then prompt you to install our updated extension that supports Safari 5.1. This will automatically start Safari to begin the installation.

      If you’re already running the latest version of 1Password but the 1P button in Safari is not working, let’s try a clean re-install of the extension:

      • In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions, then click 1Password in the left sidebar there. Click the uninstall button, and quit Safari.
      • Now in 1Password, go to 1Password > Preferences > Browsers, and click the “Install Safari Extension” button.
      • This should automatically start Safari to begin the installation.

      When the installation is done, you will have a new, redesigned extension that gives you more and faster access to more of you data right in the browser. We’re still working on reimplementing all of the features from the previous extension, but this redesign was necessary to comply with some major changes Apple made to Safari 5.1. Check out this document for a quick intro to the new extension:


      And take a look at the top right section of our 1Password FAQs page for links to more answers to common questions and troubleshooting guides:


      I hope that helps!

  6. Kerry Dawson
    Kerry Dawson says:

    The Safari extension is very flaky in Safari 5.1. It works in some sites and not others. Since I use it mainly for my financial sites, anytime I want to access them I now fire up Firefox and use the old extension which works perfectly. But I hate having to jump between two browsers. When will a stable extension for Safari be available and how will we know when its available.

      • brenty
        brenty says:

        Hey, Charles and Kerry!

        We have released a few updates just since your posts, and we have made a lot of progress. Please make sure you check for updates to get the latest version of 1Password (3.6.5 as of this writing, which was released earlier today), as well as the beta Safari 5.1 extension itself (beta-29 also).

        Single-keystroke login and the Autosave bar are back (along with numerous other additions and fixes), and I am seeing a lot of sites that weren’t working previously having better results, both in my own use and from other customers via the forums and email. We’re getting there, one day at a time. Thanks for your patience. :)

  7. Steven
    Steven says:

    Every time I bring up the login window, I’m forced to unlock it with my master password. Is there a way to disable this? My home computer is very secure and I don’t want to have to type in a password every time I need to login to a website.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Steven. Do you by chance have the application “DisplayPad” installed on your computer? If so, you’ll need to either update it or stop it from running, as we’ve found that pre-Lion versions are not compatible and cause conflicts with some apps like 1Password. Several reports from Lion systems have been completely stable since they removed DisplayPad.

      Similar applications may have similar behavior: one customer reported the same thing with “Air Display” installed — 1Password stopped locking up too frequently once it was removed.

      If that doesn’t solve the issue though, let us know and we can offer more assistance.

      • Steven
        Steven says:

        No DIsplayPad here. Nevermind though as now it doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore One other issue however. Show Logins is supposed to be Command + Option + \, however, it’s showing up as Command + B for me. This wouldn’t be a big deal except this conflicts with the bookmarks sidebar command in Firefox and it brings up the sidebar but not the Show Logins box. I’ve tried specifying Command + Option + \ in the “Application Shortcuts in System Prefs but that didn’t work, I also tried changing the shortcut for the bookmarks sidebar in Firefox, but it’s still being controlled by Command + B. In Safari the Show Logins box is also being called by Command + B, though it’s not as big of a problem as it’s not conflicting with anything. I can’t find anywhere in Sys Prefs that’s switching the command from Command + Option + \. Any thoughts?

        • brenty
          brenty says:

          Hey there, Steven!

          You can customize your 1Password keyboard shortcuts under 1Password Preferences > Logins and set them to whatever you want!

          I hope this helps. :)

  8. Mike
    Mike says:

    Quick Note: This blog is nice but it is unreadable on an iPhone. Bad handling of screen-estate + the comments are causing trouble and are displayed in the worst manner possible (each letter in it’s own line). I had to turn on my computer to post this comment because it would have taken me ages to scroll down on my iPhone enabling me to enter a comment.

    Could this be improved?!? I’d love to read this blog on my mobile.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      You are absolutely right, Mike!

      This irks me, too, and I will keep pushing for better mobile compatibility. Hopefully we can improve this in a future site update. :)

  9. Mike
    Mike says:

    And referring to the content: Imo, the font used to display log-ins is much too big and wasting space. In Firefox the log-ins are shown nice and compact. If I have many log-ins for one page I even have to scroll. Improvments would be welcome.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Personally, I would love to see resolution independence. Hopefully we see that system-wide at some point. In the mean time, maybe we can tweak this a bit in our extension. On the newer higher-resolution displays it is just right, but it is a little big on the rest.

  10. Charles
    Charles says:

    Happy 1P Mac user for 2 years. This is the first really problematic update. 1P drop down gone from Safari, bummer, but, OK, can learn cmd-\. Now come the real issues.

    1. 1P Safari fails to fill and submit properly at common sites, e.g. https://www.chase.com, where it worked in the previous version. This is not a data migration problem — even if you create a new password entry and try again, it fails to fill and submit correctly.

    2. Cmd-\ brings up something that is designed to look like a window, but isn’t a window. Do cmd-W to close it, and you instead close the underlying window. This is a confusing, unintuitive UI choice that had me cursing my screen today for the first time since I switched to Mac a decade ago.

    This is the first time my workflow has been seriously interrupted by 1P. Big step backward, but I imagine you are just doing your best to work around big changes in OSX/Safari/both. As a result, you are probably swamped, but please rescue us! Thanks!

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Charles, thanks for being with us for two years! As far as the “drop down” being gone from Safari, are you talking about the actual “1P” button that is usually in the toolbar? If so, that’s something we might need to fix; the button should still appear there.

      As far as Chase goes, this is actually an unfortunate circumstance. Chase made a change to its site recently that appears to prevent form filling tools from logging users in. Banks do this from time to time, so we’ll need to take a look at it and see if we can update our form filling logic.

      The window you now see is essentially a “popover”, one of Apple’s new interface elements it introduced on the iPad, then brought into OS X. A growing number of apps are already adopting it, and you’ll see more of it once you upgrade to Lion if you haven’t already. To dismiss the 1Password popover, either click anywhere else in Safari or just hit the Escape key.

      Work on the new extension is far from over, though, and we’ve already released a couple of great updates this week and have more planned for the coming weeks. Just today we updated and brought back the auto-submit feature if you only have one Login for a site, and you can now call the extension even if the keyboard focus is in the Address Bar on Safari’s Top Sites. Stay tuned for more!

  11. Tim
    Tim says:

    Bleh, the most egregious difference to me is that it now no longer recognizes my passwords stored as “example.com” when I visit a website that uses “www.example.com”.

    I do not want to get into the habit of putting superfluous “www”s into my logins. Some sites use subdomains and I want those matched to passwords.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback! We certainly don’t want to have more www’s lying around than absolutely necessary, and I do believe this is a minor bug in our form filling logic. We’re spending a lot of time updating our extension and form saving tools, so stay tuned. That bug should get squashed soon.

  12. amanuel
    amanuel says:

    I’m sorry but the safari extension seems like a bad idea. Many have mentioned various losses in functionality which I will not revisit. What I find very unsettling is the idea of injecting the UI into the page.

    Safari 5.1 now provides popovers that have their own html and are possibly safer. That would be a big step in the right direction and using minimal injection to just fill the form.

    I would vote for continuing the old support using SIMBL. Glims works fine in 5.1!!

    Simply put I don’t feel safe anymore and can’t recommend your product.

  13. Dave
    Dave says:

    The 1P button does nothing if the page is blank i.e. a new window. Is this by design or …?

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey there, Dave!

      We had some trouble with the new API, but we have fixed this in the latest release. Make sure you update 1Password and the extension in Safari (if you don’t have automatic extension updates enabled). :)

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Dave. We enabled that feature in an update or two ago. Could you try going to Safari > Preferences > Extensions and checking which version your 1Password extension is at? It should be at least 3.6.5 beta 27.

      Safari should be set to update your extensions automatically, but the best I can find in Apple’s documentation as far as how often Safari checks for updates is “periodically”. It isn’t any more specific than that. If you want to update manually, click the Updates tab at the bottom of that window and see if the automatic upgrade option is enabled. If it is, try disabling it to see if a 1Password update option appears there. You can manually update, then re-enable automatic upgrades to let Safari handle it automatically from now on.

      In the latest version, you can open the extension on blank pages or trigger it from the keyboard even if the mouse focus is in the address bar. I hope this helps!

  14. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    This is a serious downgrade! I don’t know if I should blame Apple or 1password but my web experience with passwords just got very bad. I really hope that you can restore the safari extension to what it was.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Thomas, thanks for your feedback! I don’t think you need to blame anyone though—updating software just takes time. A lot of apps haven’t updated at all yet, and we’re working literally around the clock to improve the extension and reintroduce features from the previous version. In the last few days we’ve added single-stroke login if you only have one Login for a site, activating the extension from blank pages and Top Sites, and a lot more. I’m wrapping up a new blog post right now to detail all the changes and a sneak peek at the new interface we have coming, so stay tuned.

      And this is all in addition to the new features that this new extension allows; features that were never possible with the old extension format. If you have a minute, check out our introduction post to see all the new data you can access and new keyboard shortcuts that let you do more than you could before:


      Thanks again for your feedback and stay tuned for some big extension updates soon!

  15. Rodolfo Don
    Rodolfo Don says:

    I have been waiting for the 1P update since I upgraded to Lion a few days ago. This morning I checked for 1P updates and I was presented with version 3.6.5 (build 31075) that didn’t have a BETA label. I installed it and I didn’t have to wait long to realize it wasn’t finished yet. I’ll disconnect the extension until the app is ready. I hope you can bring it to its former elegance and easy of usability. Thanks.

    R. Don

  16. Arno Wouters
    Arno Wouters says:

    Can you at least explain how the extension works?

    On the forums you refer to this blog post and this blog post refers to the quick Safari intro, but neither the forum, nor the FAQ, nor the quick intro gives an explanation of how the extension works. I don’t understand it and the only way I can can access websites is by looking them up in the main 1Password application and copy and paste my username and password, paste them at the webpage, click on login, switch to copypate to remove the password from its history list and than back to the website. This is a very tireseome process that I have to repeat 10 times a day!!!

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Arno. I’m sorry that we haven’t done more work on explaining how the new extension works. I’m going to add a new section to our documentation tonight, but I’ll try to lay out some quick instructions for you here.

      Before we start, let’s be sure you’re on the latest versions of 1Password and our extension. Please follow the install/upgrade instructions here: http://help.agilebits.com/1Password3/safari_5.1_install_update.html

      Now our new extension works much like the old one, just with more of an interface that lets you see more of your data without opening the 1Password app, and more support for both mouse and keyboard shortcut users. So, when you want to log into a site that you have a Login saved for, you can:

      • type the site’s URL into Safari
      • Click the 1P button in the toolbar to view any of your Logins for the site
      • Click the Login you want to use, and that should fill the login form and log you right on

      If you’re a keyboard shortcut person, you can move a little more quickly. You can:

      • Type the site’s URL into Safari
      • Hit Command-\, and if you only have one Login for the site, you’ll be logged straight in without see our extension interface at all

      If you’re on any webpage you can also hit Command-Option-\ to open our extension and go straight to the All Logins tab. This lets you type a couple letters of the site you want to visit in order to filter for the Login you want. Then you can arrow up and down to pick the right Login, hit Enter, and 1Password will open that site in the current tab, fill in the login form, and log you right in.

      I hope that helps you get started with the new extension. We also just released some major updates this weekend and I wrote a new blog post about it. I’m going to close the comments here and redirect everyone over to that new post and our forums for help in order to ensure everyone is working with the newest information. Here is the post:


      I hope this helped, but feel free to ask more questions in our forums (it’s easier for us to help you there), on that new post, or to contact us directly: http://agilebits.com/contact_us

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