1Password for Mac betas bring Universal Unlock, Copy to Clipboard, more

It’s been a week since Apple released Lion and Safari 5.1. In that time we’ve released a bunch of updates that bring better compatibility and restore your favorite features. We’ve also received a ton of great feedback from you on our new extension and previewed a major redesign we hope to release real soon.

Today we’re back with a pair of huge updates—1Password 3.7 beta and Safari extension 3.7 beta—sporting some great features you’ve been asking for:

  • Universal Unlock: Now when you unlock the 1Password app, the new Safari extension will follow suit
  • Copy to Clipboard from the extension: Opening the 1Password app just to copy a password for a Flash site? Old ‘n busted. In the new extension you can now find a Login, click the right arrow (or hit your right arrow key) to view its details, and click the new “Copy” button next to your password for easier pasting
  • Go & Fill/All Logins typing focus works again: After using Command-Option-\ to invoke Go & Fill, keyboard focus will be placed in the search field to keep you going and filling as quickly as possible
  • Much-improved AutoSubmit: Go to System Preferences > Universal Access > Enable Access for Assistive Devices, and 1Password will perform much better at automatically logging you in
  • Auto-Lock settings now respected: Our new extension will once again obey your preferences under 1Password > Preferences > Security for automatically locking your data file
  • Lock 1Password from the command line: For the power users in the audience, you can now lock 1Password from the command line with: “open x-onepassword-agent://lock”

It’s important to note that, while a bonus of our new official extension format is that Safari can now automatically upgrade it without us needing to update the 1Password app, this is one of the few cases where you will need to update both to enjoy these benefits. Since they are beta releases, you will also need to opt into our beta track if you want to help us polish them up for prime time.

If you need help upgrading either 1Password or the new extension, see this document. If you’ve never participated in our beta, please check out this document for how to do so an explanation of what it’s all about.

If you try both the 1Password and extension betas, please follow a couple of short steps once the update processes finish:

  • Go to System Preferences > Universal Access, and click Enable Access For Assistive Devices at the bottom of the window
  • Go to 1Password and click Help > Troubleshooting > Restart Agent
  • Restart safari with CMD-Option-Q

As usual, please join us in the forums if you have feedback on these releases!

We'd love to hear your comments in our forum!