It's here

What’s here? Oh nothing… just the most fantastic 1Password extension design for Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard of all time.


Why release it on a Sunday?

Because we love you. We’ve been working around the clock to get you a new extension worthy of Lion and we didn’t want to wait. Seriously: on Saturday afternoon, I was in the middle of rollerblading Chicago’s lakefront when our fearless leader IM’d me to say the team had finished a public beta of the new version. I cut my workout short so I could start drafting this post in the middle of Millenum Park. That’s how excited we are about this.

What’s so fantastic about it?

Everything. The interface has been completely Dan-ified and the autofilling has been Roustem-ized. This is a total revamp of our new extension based on the greatest feedback we could ever hope for: yours. We’ve added so many features and fixes that I’m honestly not sure if I should even try to stuff them all into this post, so check our extension changelog for the full story. Otherwise, check out the cliff notes and a screenshot gallery below:

  • A gorgeous, streamlined, and powerful new version of our extension interface. Also: gorgeous
  • You can now launch 1Password from the new Settings panel
  • Yeah you read that right: There’s a new Settings panel inside the extension for toggling things like AutoUnlock, AutoSubmit, whether passwords are concealed, and our web-based user guide
  • Navigate your Vault categories (Logins, All Logins, Identities, Credit Cards) with Tab and Shift-Tab
  • View an item’s details without opening 1Password by clicking its right arrow or pressing your right arrow key
  • Copy any detail to the clipboard from an item’s detail view by mousing over it and clicking—great for logging into Flash sites!
  • Go & Fill once again opens a new tab when used from the All Logins panel inside the extension (our default Command-Option-\ shortcut is a fan favorite!)
  • Search liberated for all item views, not just Logins. Typing in any list view does exactly what you think it should
  • AutoSubmit greatly improved
  • Don’t like a password that our Strong Password Generator gave you? Click the Strong Password Generator’s icon to get a new one

How to update

Safari can update our extension automatically (an advantage of our new format), but in this case we’d like to ask you to do it manually by following this guide for how to install and update both our 1Password extension and update the 1Password app. A key factor in that guide: once the extension update is done, please quit Safari with Command-Option-Q. You’ll lose all your open tabs and windows, so bookmark any as necessary. This ensures Safari restarts and loads our new extension with a clean slate.

Moving forward

I could go on for at least a couple more paragraphs about how excited we are for this new design and why, but something tells me you’d rather check it out for yourself. We know we still have our work cut out for us since some features, like the AutoSave UI and “never for this site” option, are still missing. But we believe this is a great new direction for our 1Password extension, and we hope you do too.

So go give the new extension a test drive, check out the new features, and let us know what you think in our forums!

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  1. David
    David says:

    Much quicker and much prettier guys!

    Must be me, but some things don’t seem to work anymore (I think);
    – No more auto ‘enter’ (I use a shortcut, type three letters of the site I want and 1Password enters username+password. It used to go into the website, now I have to press Enter :(
    – Some websites that used to work, don’t anymore (like Twitter)

    Help would be very much appreciated.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi David! Sorry to hear about this. We’re looking into some sites like Twitter, as I think they may have recently tweaked their login form. I know AutoFill is a big focus right now of our extension.

      For some basic troubleshooting though, could you check to make sure you have the latest versions of 1Password and our extension? We have a document that covers the update processes here:

      I hope this helps!

  2. Oliver Michalak
    Oliver Michalak says:

    I was constantly updating to “the latest” Safari Extension for the last weeks since Lion went life, sadly for me and my co-workers, the current Safari Extension is a pain: a lot login data has to be entered again and again, unlocking via master password after each Safari launch really drives me nuts, no http auth support. We are web developers and have dozens of login data to handle, which is what 1P is for, but I’d vote to give us the pre-lion features back.
    Even if it’s visually more appealing, the crippled features alone makes this update a pain: many more clicks than before, manually copy&paste of http auth logins.
    Remember 1P wanted to simplify a tedious task, no matter how eye-candy it looks, it is first and foremost a tool.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey there, Oliver! The “eye-candy” is completely separate from the core of the extension. I promise you we didn’t take Designer Dan away from coding to create the interface! ;)

      But in all seriousness, the old Safari integration we refined over the past 5 years simply does not work with Safari 5.1 or Lion, so we had to start over. The HTTP Auth issue is something we would like to do, but the Safari extension framework does not allow us access to those prompts. You can use the keyboard shortcuts ( ⌘ \ or ⌘ ⌥ \ ) to bring up the 1Password window and then copy and paste. Sorry, but this is what we are stuck doing, too. :/

      The other issues you mentioned (repeated unlocking and reentering data) are not present in the latest releases (of both 1Password and the extension), so if you are already up to date then something is not right at all. Could you please send us a Diagnostics Report? You can generate one in 1Password on your Mac by going to Help > Troubleshooting > Diagnostics Report… Just attach this to an email (, and be sure to include any other details or screenshots you can as it will help us understand the problem better. We will get this working for you. :)

    • Oliver Michalak
      Oliver Michalak says:

      @brent: tanks for your reply, I’ll have to look at the unlocking after updating all our Macs at work again.

      But the most important topic: http auth support is vital for us, as I understand your comment, Apple changed the API/framework/whatever and the previous “way/hack/injection” to interact with the auth login sheet dos not work anymore. That is bad news.

      Isn’t there a chance to control the login sheet via “AppleScript” or UI scripting?

      For now, we moved over to System keychain and/or Firefox for development…

    • Oliver Michalak
      Oliver Michalak says:

      @brenty: still, I have to re-unlock 1P and re-enter already saved login data in 1P, diagnostic file via email.

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