We have big improvements thanks to big new 1Password and extension updates

It may feel like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but today is the three week mark for Apple’s release of Lion and Safari 5.1. In that short time you’ve given us tremendous feedback in our forum and here on the blog, and we’ve been listening intently with a completely redesigned extension interface and lots of fixes. Now we’re back with another great round of gigantic performance improvements and bugs that, fortunately, are no longer with us.

Now starring in 1Password 3.7.5 and 1Password extension for Safari 3.7 (fresh out of beta!):

  • Huge, huge improvements to the data sync process between 1Password and the Safari extension
  • Ever experienced the Data Not Available error? That error is what’s no longer available, thanks to our sync fixes! (see what I did there?)
  • Did you have issues with Universal Unlock? They should be universally gone!
  • Any problems with AutoSubmit or being asked to re-save existing Logins? These updates should auto-fix them! (Note: we still recommend that you disable Safari’s name and password filling option under Safari > Preferences > AutoFill)
  • Did keyboard shortcuts feel not-so-shortcut-y? These updates should get you back up to speed
  • Did copy to clipboard ever fail you? Copy away!
  • Big Edit Mode improvements in the extension: you can now view your passwords and pressing the Return key will now save changes instead of dismiss the popover
  • The Strong Password Generator‘s password strength indicator should once again update live as you change settings
  • Fill Login once again works on Twitter login pages and other sites that have multiple login forms
  • There’s a new welcome screen to help both new and seasoned 1Password vets learn their way around the new extension
  • We now display an update page to notify you when Safari silently updates our extension. This allows you to review the release notes, plus it reminds you to restart Safari
  • We have a new Settings > Troubleshooting option with your current 1Password and extension version numbers, release notes, useful statistics, and notifications when updates are available
  • Deleted items should stop reappearing in 1Password’s trash
  • Fixed Fill Login shortcut when there is only one login available but the domain didn’t match perfectly

That new Troubleshooting page I mentioned in the Settings tab should prove useful for helping to diagnose and solve problems. It can tell you which versions of the extension and app you’re running, as well as some other data that can help us diagnose issues. If you run into a quirk, definitely check this page out for some easy fixes that can help you get back on your feet quickly.

I’d also like you to check out that new Getting Started tutorial I mentioned for users who install the new extension for the first time. It’s designed to help 1Password users from all walks of life—whether you just installed our trial or you’re one of our biggest fans—get used to the basics of the new extension. If you have thoughts on this tutorial, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

How to update

You can check for updates in 1Password by going to 1Password > Check for Updates, and Safari should auto-update our extension for you soon. If you want to update immediately and need some help on how to do so, please check this support document for instructions.

As usual, let us know how things are going in the Agile forum, where our support folks and fantastic community stand ready and waiting to talk 1Password, updates, troubleshooting, and anything else on your mind!

We'd love to hear your comments in our forum!