New in beta for Chrome: Go & Fill from the Omnibox

Google Chrome and 1Password’s Go & Fill feature: two great tastes that, now, taste even better together.

As of 1Password extension version 3.8.2 beta 5 or later, you can now use Go & Fill right from Chrome’s Omnibox. All you need to do is type “1p”, hit Tab, then start typing a few letters to find the Login you need. Arrow to the relevant Login and hit Return to open it in the current tab. Slick, eh?

This trick should work in Chrome on both OS X and Windows as long as you have the latest versions of 1Password 3.8.x for Mac and 1.0.8 for Windows and opt into our beta extension by clicking the beta button on our extension download page. Heads up for Windows users though: the rest of our new extension interface hasn’t made it over quite yet. Also, just to make sure you’re rolling with the most up-to-date version of 1Password, use the built-in Check for Updates feature to check for the latest release.

As always, let us know what you think and submit bug reports in our forum!

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