Go Tell it on the Mountain Lion: 1Password will be there

Mountain LionMountain Lion and Safari 5.2 are on their way, and 1Password is readier than it has ever been at this stage in an operating system upgrade.

It won’t be news to anyone that Apple has announced that the new next version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion, will be released in the summer of 2012 and that we developers have been given previews to play with. Developers are under a non-disclosure agreement, so I’m not allowed to say anything about Mountain Lion and Safari 5.2 that Apple hasn’t already made public. What I can tell you is that of all the times we’ve been given a first look at a new operating system version, we’ve never had a smoother ride.

1Password Browser ExtensionCredit for this steady transition goes to our “new” way of dealing with browser integration that we developed last year. By working with the grain of browser updates and official extension support, updates barely cause a hiccough.

I should note that, since Mountain Lion is in beta until its scheduled release in summer 2012, there will almost definitely be differences between what was given to developers last week and what will be released to the public. Everything is subject to change. But the ease of this transition so far is absolutely unprecedented. We’ve only spotted one issue so far, a peculiar cosmetic turn of events. I’m sure that we will find other things that need to be fine tuned for Mountain Lion, but we are in a remarkably great position at the moment.

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