Use Alfred for Mac to quickly open 1Password Logins

(UPDATE: This is no longer a prerelease feature, you can use it right now!)

If you’re like many enterprising Mac users, you probably use a utility like Alfred, a great productivity booster shot that lets you open apps, move files, search specific websites, control iTunes, and much more with just a few keyboard strokes. Thanks to an Alfred release now in beta, you can count 1Password among its special tricks.

A new option in Alfred 1.2’s sidebar lets you turn on 1Password integration. Click it, enable the option, and click Reload Bookmarks. Now, whenever you want to log into a site quickly even if you aren’t in your browser, you can:

  • toggle Alfred (Option-Space by default)
  • type “1P” and a space
  • type a couple letters of a Login you want to open
  • hit Enter to automatically open that Login in your default browser like a boss (if 1Password is locked, you’ll need to unlock it, but the auto-login process will continue. Also like a boss)

Use the 1P trigger in Alfred to get to your 1Password logins quickly!

If you’re a Chrome user experiencing a little déjà vu, you’re not crazy; this works a lot like our fancy Chrome 1P trick. But this Alfred integration has been a pretty popular feature request, so we’re happy and thankful to see the Alfred folks crank it out.

To get on Alfred’s beta channel, you have to be running the website version, not the Mac App Store version:

  • Go to Alfred’s preferences (just activate it and hit Command-,), then the General panel, then the Updates tab
  • Enable the “pre-release” option and check for updates

That’s it! You are now free to move about your Mac and log into sites more quickly, thanks to Alfred’s new 1Password integration!

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