Apps We Love: Cloak—buy 1Password, get up to 40% off Cloak

Passwords are our area of expertise in security, but there are plenty of other areas to think about. Starting today, we want to do what we can to help you with those other areas.

If you buy 1Password for Mac or PC from the AgileBits Store or Mac App Store, you can get up to 40 percent off a Cloak subscription!

Another big part of security are public and otherwise untrusted WiFi hotspots. A lot of hotspots and websites don’t encrypt what you’re doing online, which means others on the hotspot can “listen” in. To ensure potential snoopers hear nothing but static, many AgileBits team members use Cloak, a great personal VPN service that encrypts your connection to everything you do online with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

One of the best things about Cloak is that it “just works.” You install Cloak on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, then enter your username and password. On your Mac, Cloak can determine if your hotspot is unsafe and enable itself automatically, or you can control it from the menubar. On iPhone and iPad, it’s just a tap away. In fact, I like Cloak so much, I reviewed it for Macworld last year.

The Cloak folks have a free trial at their website, and like us, they have a great support team standing by to help and answer questions. But we also worked out a deal if for when you decide to upgrade. If you buy 1Password, your receipt will contain a Cloak redemption code for up to 40 percent off service. If you buy from the Mac App Store or are an existing 1Password customer (Mac or PC), email your receipt to and we’ll take care of you.

1P Cloak banner

This all boils down to a simple idea we had on our recent AGConf company trip: 1Password and Cloak are safer together. We’re delighted to give you the chance to be much safer on public hotspots.

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