Get 50% off 1Password and Knox, 100% more security in your life (Update: Sale Ended)

NOTE: This sale has now ended! But that animated gif is so pretty we decided to leave it here for all posterity. You’re welcome, Internets.



I have to level with you: most of us at AgileBits have caught WWDC fever. We’ve been sweating code working on 1Password 4 for Mac, and now we’re coughing up crazy ideas like a newsletter so you get details and our eventual release date sent directly to your inbox. Told you we had it bad.

The only cure? No, not a cowbell.

A 50% off sale on 1Password for iOS, Mac, and Windows, and Knox for Mac!

Pick up whatever you need—get 1Password for iOS from the App Store, the Mac and PC versions from our store, grab Knox for Mac to store your files in secure vaults, pick up a family license for the desktop versions, or just single copies for you and all your personal devices.

It’s all on sale. For a limited time, you get to pay 50% less to get 100% more security in your life. I think that’s worth some more cowbell.

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