1Password 3 for Mac wins Macworld Eddy!

Yesterday, the Twitterverse reported some amazing news to us: we won a Macworld Editor’s Choice Award for 1Password 3 for Mac! To say that we’re blown away is a mighty understatement. I mean, sure, we think 1Password is the bee’s knees, but I reckon we’re just a tad biased. =) 2010 has been an amazing […]

1Password for Windows is out, bundle licenses available!

Thanks to some hard work by our developers and a lot of feedback from our awesome beta testers, 1Password for Windows is officially ready to go! You can download it and try it out right now! Licenses for 1Password for Windows are available individually for US$39.95, and we’ve got a special introductory deal today that […]

Windows Chrome users get some 1Password love, too!

We recently let our Mac users know about the amazing new extension for Chrome on OS X, but we didn’t want our Windows users to feel left out, so… we’re pleased to announce 1Password support for Chrome on Windows! Download the latest beta of 1Password for Windows and open the preferences (CTRL-P). You’ll find a […]

Yay! Firefox 4 beta 7, let's dance!

By which I mean Snoopydance, naturally. I’m happy to tell you that the latest 1Password for Mac beta (3.5.1 beta 2, as of this writing) introduces support for Firefox 4 beta 7! We said late last week that we hoped we wouldn’t have to keep you nice folks waiting too long, and Developer Chad really […]

Exciting updates to the Chrome extension!

We finished some great updates to the 1Password Chrome Extension over the weekend, and wanted to let everybody know about some new features: First, we received a lot of feedback from our users about not being able to disable Autosubmit, and we were able to fix that. We also received many requests for customizable keyboard […]

New "Foxy" beta in town

Twitters been all a-titter with glowing praise for all of Firefox 4 beta 7’s newshiny niftiness. There’s the blazing speed, for example. The extensions are a given, of course. Then there’s this new Panorama thing they’ve got goin’ on. All really cool stuff, but there’s one thing missing, and your tweets tell us you’ve noticed: […]

Chrome users: you're going to love this!

We’ve got some great news for Chrome users: the latest version of 1Password includes a completely, 100% awesome revamp of the 1Password extension for Chrome. If we may say so, it’s pretty amazing. With full support for form-filling, Identities and Credit Cards, it not only reaches feature-parity with the Safari and Firefox extensions, you might […]

1Password in iLounge’s 100 Essential iOS Apps of 2010!

We just got word that 1Password for iPhone and iPod touch made it into the 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyer’s Guide as one of the 100 essential apps of 2010. In fact, we’re first on the list in the productivity section! You can check out the guide at iLounge and see what other treasures are on the […]

1Password and your software licenses

Most people know that 1Password is a great way to add security and convenience to web browsing, but not everyone has explored all of its capabilities. I thought I’d take a minute today and highlight one of the features I use the most (after password storage, of course): Software licenses. I buy a fair amount […]

An update on 1Password for Windows

Development of 1Password for Windows is coming along wonderfully. Windows users should be sure to check out the current beta, and we’d love to hear feedback and suggestions in the forums! We’re offering “early bird” pricing for people who buy a license during the beta period: A single License is only US$19.95 (50% off) A […]