1Password 4 for Android: The beta, like winter, is coming!

You might have noticed that this summer a couple of interesting screenshots appeared in our Dropbox folder, and then here on the blog. You also might have noticed that we ran a rather large beta test for our Mac version. Now those two great tastes will taste great together! We’ve set up a shiny new […]

1Password Stories: Tips and Tricks from our customers

We hear a lot of great 1Password tips and stories from customers. Sometimes it’s a clever trick, others it’s a great story about helping a family member, friend, or coworker discover 1Password or make a feature click in just the right way. Eventually, one of our Agile folks asked a simple question: why keep all […]

1Password for Android Update!

Exciting news… 1Password for Android has been updated! It’s still free for the rest of beta period, so get it on your Android phone now! As always, we’re looking for your feedback. We’ve already seen so many posts from our passionate Android users that we know we’re going to get the feedback that will make […]

1Password is available for Android!

Hey there! We’re moving forward quickly with Android development, check out some updated information here! Hooray! We’ve got great news for Android phone owners: 1Password is now available for Android! We’ve heard for a while now that this was high on our users’ wish list, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver. We’re even […]