1Password and iPad Part 3: Return of the Passwords

It’s almost iPad Day, which means you’re probably wondering if 1Password is going to be ready. Fortunately, we submitted our iPad updates to Apple within the deadline. If all goes well, 1Password for iPad should be available for the iPad’s launch! Recap If you want to learn more about 1Password for iPad, check out our […]

1Password and iPad: Part Deux

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted our initial mockups of 1Password for iPad. Since then, our two co-founders, Dave and Roustem, got together with our Lead Designer, Dan Peterson, for a “Weekend of iPad” design and development, so we figured it’s time for an update on our progress. Show Your Work We […]

1Password and iPad: Part 1

Yes, I said “part 1.” I hope it comes as no surprise that we’re planning, plotting, and otherwise scheming to bring 1Password to the iPad in a big way. But if you are surprised, well… surprise! I hope it’s good news, because we’re really excited about our progress. So excited, in fact, that we feel […]

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: iPhone sync

Let’s be honest here: syncing 1Password with 1Password touch on your iPhone or iPod touch is pretty awesome. It’s easy to set up, secure, and hella fast. In fact, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to top our sync features in 1Password 3. With this post, I am happy to confirm that it is […]

1Password and 1Password Pro 2.2 updates released

Good news everyone: The App Store badge on your iPhone or iPod touch should be sporting at least one red icon, and there’s a great reason for that! We released updates for 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro, bringing both to version 2.2. What’s so awesome about a couple of small updates? I’m glad you […]