1Password for iOS gets updated, prepares for the future

Big things are afoot, dear 1Password iPhone and iPad users. While we’re not quite ready to talk specifics just yet, I can talk about the small yet shiny updates we released in the App Store and some of our plans for the future. The updates Available now are updates to all three iOS versions of […]

On 1Password and iCloud

Just in case this is the first blog post you’ve checked since swearing off reading tech news for the past ten months or so: this is a pretty massive week for new Apple goodies (also: thanks for making this the first post you’ve read in almost a year!). Yesterday, Apple released iOS 5 and its […]

iOS can be hacked! Is my 1Password information safe?

The very short answer is that your 1Password data, including information that 1Password stores in your iOS keychain, remain safe despite recent press reports that might suggest otherwise. When reading press reports such as the one in PC World about work done by researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology it is easy to […]

1Password in iLounge’s 100 Essential iOS Apps of 2010!

We just got word that 1Password for iPhone and iPod touch made it into the 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyer’s Guide as one of the 100 essential apps of 2010. In fact, we’re first on the list in the productivity section! You can check out the guide at iLounge and see what other treasures are on the […]

Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox

Yay! We’re ecstatic to announce that Apple approved the new 1Password Pro version in the App Store! It means that we can finally spill the beans on a cool new feature we’ve been itching to tell you about for a long time: 1Password can now sync automatically using Dropbox! Also known as “syncing to the […]

Updates, Updates, Updates!

In an unprecedented move, Apple approved three updates yesterday: 1Password for iPad 1.2, 1Password for iPhone/iPod touch 3.1.1, and 1Password Pro for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad 3.1.1. Wondering what’s changed? Well, the iPad-specific version has been brought up-to-date with the non-Pro improvements introduced in 1Password Pro 3.1, like a “Show All Login Fields” setting and […]

1Password for iPad one of Computerworld’s top eight

1Password is an extremely useful app for both the Mac and the iPhone, and now it’s available for the iPad too. The iPad version is more like a grownup application… — Computerworld (via Macworld), “The eight best iPad apps so far” We’re stoked that Computerworld consider 1Password for iPad one of the device’s top applications. […]

iPad Feature Sneak Peek

Feature Sneak Peek: A much easier way to browse and login on your iPad We’re toiling away on updates to 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro, so we thought we’d show off a little. Obviously, one of the bummers of Mobile Safari is that Apple does not (yet) let developers plug into it. This means […]

1Password Pro 3.0 for iPad and iPhone

1Password Pro 3.0 arrives for iPad+iPhone, 1Password for iPad updated to 1.1 1Password Pro 3.0 took a little longer in the App Store review oven, but our universal app for iPad+iPhone is now available! This upgrade is free for existing owners, and the new version brings our iPad interface to what is now a universal […]

We're working through some iPad bugs (Updated)

Update: 1Password Pro 3.0 and 1Password for iPad 1.1 are now available in the App Store! See this post about the changes in these two updates, or just visit the App Store in iTunes or on your device to update! Original post: Some of our users are reporting some bugs in 1Password for Mac, such […]