1Password for iOS gets updated, prepares for the future

Big things are afoot, dear 1Password iPhone and iPad users. While we’re not quite ready to talk specifics just yet, I can talk about the small yet shiny updates we released in the App Store and some of our plans for the future.

The updates

Available now are updates to all three iOS versions of 1Password: for iPhone, for iPad, and the universal Pro version for all devices (they’re all version 3.6.1 for those keep track at home). They improve Login filling on websites and fix a handful of iOS 5 bugs like the Login popover, a crasher on iOS 3.1, and an unresponsive search box.

The future

Speaking of iOS 3.1, though, we want to get the word out that this is the last update to support iOS 3 and iOS 4. If you can’t upgrade to iOS 5 for whatever reason, I recommend downloading these version 3.6.1 updates, making a backup copy on your Mac or PC for safe keeping, and simply not opting to update 1Password for iOS until you can upgrade to iOS 5. For a quick way to get a copy of the 1Password for iOS app file (note: this does not backup your actual data. See this guide for that), you can:

  • Select your copy of 1Password in iTunes, from the Apps section in your Library (pictured below)
  • Go to File > Show in Finder/Explorer. This will open a new file browser window to where iTunes stores copies of your apps and automatically the file for 1Password for iOS
  • Copy (don’t move!) this file somewhere safe, or ensure that its folder is backed up by whatever backup software or service you use. Also: +50 points to you for using a backup app or service

ITunes Show in Finder

The why

So why are we going all-in with iOS 5 for the next versions of 1Password for iPhone and iPad? Because iOS 5 adoption is off the charts, and it will let us bring you a more secure and reliable 1Password experience, especially when it comes to some key new features. These enhancements are going to require a lot of work, which means we could add a bunch of extra code to support both iOS 5 and previous versions. But as you’ve probably heard before, extra code means more complexity, and complexity is the enemy of creating a rock solid, fantastic experience.

One of the biggest perks of iOS 5 is, of course, iCloud. Apple’s providing developers with a fantastic cloud service that should simplify a lot of challenges when it comes to sync and backup, and we’re all over that. However, iCloud is only compatible with Lion and iOS 5, as well as Windows Vista and 7.

Another major, though more under-the-hood, change in iOS 5 is something called Automatic Reference Counting. Long story short, this new tech in iOS 5 simplifies a lot of tough problems for developers when it comes to managing memory and making sure apps perform well and don’t crash. Again, we’re all over that. In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t.

The ‘stay tuned’

As far as more details about our next major updates to 1Password for iOS, those will have to wait for another blog post. To be the first to know, be sure to subscribe here to our Agile Blog, follow @1Password and @AgileBits on Twitter, and like the 1Password Fan Page!

On 1Password and iCloud

Just in case this is the first blog post you’ve checked since swearing off reading tech news for the past ten months or so: this is a pretty massive week for new Apple goodies (also: thanks for making this the first post you’ve read in almost a year!). Yesterday, Apple released iOS 5 and its many fantastic new features to the world, as well as a bunch of new apps like Find My Friends, AirPort Utility for iOS, and Cards. Tomorrow, the iPhone 4S becomes available, and Apple’s new service that ties it all together—iCloud—offers some great potential to third-party apps like 1Password.


Naturally, we’re getting a lot of questions about whether we will offer iCloud as a sync option in 1Password for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android, either as a replacement or an alternative to our current preferred sync service, Dropbox.

What I can say so far is that we’re just as excited about iCloud as you are, and we’re definitely looking into what it can do for 1Password and you. Fortunately, you can actually enjoy one of iCloud’s perks if you upgraded your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iOS 5 and created an iCloud account: automatic, once-a-day, over-the-air backup and restore of all your iOS app data, which includes 1Password for iOS. Go to Settings > iCloud to learn more and configure.

Without us having to do anything, iOS 5 can at least wirelessly backup your 1Password data, and let you restore that data should you ever need to wipe your device or replace it with a new one. So really, the million dollar question is whether iCloud can function as a great solution for syncing 1Password data between computers and devices.

We don’t want to say anything more about iCloud right now or whether it will turn out to be the great sync solution we know 1Password customers demand. But rest assured, we’re definitely looking into it. As soon as we have more to say, you’ll hear about it here, on our @1Password and @AgileBits accounts, and on our 1Password Facebook page.

iOS can be hacked! Is my 1Password information safe?

The very short answer is that your 1Password data, including information that 1Password stores in your iOS keychain, remain safe despite recent press reports that might suggest otherwise.

When reading press reports such as the one in PC World about work done by researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology it is easy to get the impression that _all_ information stored in the iOS keychains can be acquired by an attacker. But that isn’t true. Only keychain information that is stored in the weakest of “protection classes” is exposed. 1Password uses the strongest protection class, and so your credentials used to automatically sync your data with Dropbox remains secure. This includes your master password on your device, your Dropbox login information, and your master password for your data on Dropbox.

I will write about this in more detail in a follow-up blog post, but I wanted to get the word out that in our security design, we anticipated that phones can be jail broken and various protection schemes can be subverted. We are pleased to say that our caution in how we store things in the iOS keychain has paid off for our users.

If you’re interested, the [original research][sit_PDF] that led to the recent spate of articles is an enlightening read.

[sit_PDF]: http://www.sit.fraunhofer.de/en/Images/sc_iPhone%20Passwords_tcm502-80443.pdf

1Password in iLounge’s 100 Essential iOS Apps of 2010!

We just got word that 1Password for iPhone and iPod touch made it into the 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyer’s Guide as one of the 100 essential apps of 2010. In fact, we’re first on the list in the productivity section! You can check out the guide at iLounge and see what other treasures are on the list.

We work hard to make 1Password—and everything we offer—the best it can be, and our users’ feedback makes it all worthwhile. Keep letting us know what you think (and what we can improve) and we’ll keep churning out new features. Thanks to iLounge for making our day!

Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox

Yay! We’re ecstatic to announce that Apple approved the new 1Password Pro version in the App Store! It means that we can finally spill the beans on a cool new feature we’ve been itching to tell you about for a long time:

1Password can now sync automatically using Dropbox!

Also known as “syncing to the cloud”, this amazing feature allows you to keep your Mac, Windows, and iOS devices in sync at all times, even when they are running on different networks. (Yes, I did say Windows; 1Password for Windows is currently in beta testing)

You can find out how to enable this feature in the User Guide: Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox.

We hope you love “syncing to the cloud” using Dropbox as much as we do! Keeping all your Macs, Windows, and iOS devices in sync is now easy as pie. Gluten-free blueberry pie, that is :)


  1. If you are already using Dropbox to sync your 1Password data between your Macs and/or PCs, you simply need to install the latest 1Password version and start it at least once before configuring your iOS device.


  1. Is there a specific top-level Dropbox folder name or path that the data file must be in for the iPhone app to find it?

    No. All you need to do is start the latest version of 1Password on your Desktop and it will write out a “pointer” file to tell the iOS devices where to find the data file.

  2. Do I need to turn off wi-fi syncing on my iPhone?

    Yes, but 1Password will automatically disable that for you when you enable Dropbox syncing.

  3. I also have an iPod Touch. Can I have all of my devices sync to the same Dropbox keychain?

    Absolutely!! Add as many devices as you want!

  4. When does sync occur on iOS?

    Syncing will start automatically when you start 1Password (after unlocking) and when you make a change to an item. We’re evaluating how to run the sync more often without compromising on battery life.

  5. I never used Dropbox. Where do I start?

    Macworld created a great video about using 1Password and Dropbox together.

Updates, Updates, Updates!

In an unprecedented move, Apple approved three updates yesterday: 1Password for iPad 1.2, 1Password for iPhone/iPod touch 3.1.1, and 1Password Pro for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad 3.1.1.

1Password touch updates

Wondering what’s changed? Well, the iPad-specific version has been brought up-to-date with the non-Pro improvements introduced in 1Password Pro 3.1, like a “Show All Login Fields” setting and a reveal/conceal menu option for password fields. There are auto-lock and web view improvements, and that pesky portrait-mode bug1 has been fixed.

1Password (standard) for iPhone/iPod touch (only)’s version is now 3.1.1, which matches 1Password Pro’s version. You can now also send us feedback from within the application, instead of having to launch the Mail application, first.

A changelog accompanies each update, so if you’re interested in the specifics, be sure to check it out, either in iTunes on your computer or in the App Store app on your touch device.

Haven’t purchased yet? You can find more information about each version in our user guide. When you’re ready, you’ll find the applications—1Password Pro, 1Password for iPad, and 1Password for iPhone/iPod touch—in the iTunes App Store.

1 The “Go & Fill” arrow was broken in portrait mode. Sorry about that.

1Password for iPad one of Computerworld’s top eight

1Password for iPad

1Password is an extremely useful app for both the Mac and the iPhone, and now it’s available for the iPad too. The iPad version is more like a grownup application…

We’re stoked that Computerworld consider 1Password for iPad one of the device’s top applications. This is going to be a wild, wild ride, and it’s fantastic that you’ve joined us for it!

iPad Feature Sneak Peek

Feature Sneak Peek: A much easier way to browse and login on your iPad

We’re toiling away on updates to 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro, so we thought we’d show off a little. Obviously, one of the bummers of Mobile Safari is that Apple does not (yet) let developers plug into it. This means that 1Password for iPhone OS cannot integrate with Mobile Safari as tightly as it does with most browsers on your Mac.

But who says you have to browse in Safari?

We’re bringing “Available Logins” to the browser built into 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro. This means that when holding your iPad in landscape mode, you can open 1Password’s browser, visit a site, then tap the Available Logins menu to see any of your Logins that match the site. Tap one, and 1Password will fill the form and log you in.

Browsing the web and logging into your sites on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch cannot get any easier than this. You will be able to enjoy this feature once Apple approves our next updates to 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro, which we hope to submit in the next day or three.

1Password Pro 3.0 for iPad and iPhone

1Password Pro 3.0 arrives for iPad+iPhone, 1Password for iPad updated to 1.1

1Password Pro 3.0 took a little longer in the App Store review oven, but our universal app for iPad+iPhone is now available! This upgrade is free for existing owners, and the new version brings our iPad interface to what is now a universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

If you only ever plan on owning an iPad, you can check out 1Password for iPad which is an version built exclusively for that device; it does not contain the iPhone interface. We updated that version to 1.1 with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new versions!

We're working through some iPad bugs (Updated)

Update: 1Password Pro 3.0 and 1Password for iPad 1.1 are now available in the App Store! See this post about the changes in these two updates, or just visit the App Store in iTunes or on your device to update!

Original post:

Some of our users are reporting some bugs in 1Password for Mac, such as problems when syncing with the requisite 1Password for Mac 3.1 update, Go & Fill quirks, and crashes. Now that we actually have iPads on which to test our software (the simulator Apple provides unfortunately isn’t enough), we are squashing these bugs with the determination of an Olympic Games finalist.

We hope to submit a new build to Apple by either today or tomorrow that resolves most of these issues. We’ll keep you posted here and on Twitter.