[Updated] If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and Dropbox sync, take action by September 1


Our sale ended September 6, thanks everyone!


We’ve used Dropbox in 1Password for… forever. It’s a fantastic way to sync your data between all your devices. Dropbox continues to improve and innovate, making the service more accessible, faster, and even more secure. As part of this progress, Dropbox will disable its legacy API—the bridge that lets apps talk to Dropbox—in favor of its next-generation API on September 1st.

As we all know, sync and innovating are hard work, so we sympathize with Dropbox’s need to retire an old API that’s done its bit for king and country. If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and sync through Dropbox, you need to take action before September 1. If you use any other 1Password apps, they are already built for Dropbox’s next-generation API; you don’t need to do anything.

State of 1Password and Dropbox sync

In other words:

  • 1Password 3 for Mac and 1Password 1 for Windows sync directly to the Dropbox folder on the local file system and will continue to sync with Dropbox just fine.
  • 1Password 4 for iOS (released last year) uses the latest version of the Dropbox API and will continue to sync with Dropbox just fine.
  • 1Password 1 for Android also uses the latest version of the Dropbox API and will continue to sync with Dropbox just fine.
  • 1Password 1 for Windows Phone uses an open source API based on the latest Dropbox API and will continue to sync just fine.
  • 1Password 3 for iOS, which was removed from the App Store last year, used the legacy Dropbox API. Come September 1st, this old version of 1Password will no longer be able to sync with Dropbox.

If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and sync with Dropbox, please read on for alternative sync options.

What should 1Password 3 for iOS users do?

iOS-Versions-AffectedUsers of 1Password for Mac, Windows, Android, and Windows Phone, as well as 1Password 4 for iOS, have nothing to do. If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and sync through Dropbox, you need to take action before September 1.

First, confirm you are using 1Password 3 for iOS. To do this, look at the 1Password icon on your home screen and see if it matches one of the icons on the right. Now that you have confirmed your version, you have the following options.

Upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS

1Password 4 for iOS is a brand new app from pixel to bit. It’s a single, universal app for iPhone and iPad that brought over 20 major new features and a ton of little ones like an incredible, full-featured web browser, Favorites, quick Action Bar, folders, private item sharing. It was also designed to use Dropbox’s latest sync technology.

To make this transition as easy as possible, we’re putting 1Password 4 for iOS on sale! Update: The sale ended September 6, thanks everyone!

You can switch to Wi-Fi Sync

1Password 3 for iOS supports Wi-Fi sync with 1Password 3 for Mac. We have a support document & video to help you set this up, and our stellar customer support team stands by to answer any questions. Note: 1Password for Windows does not currently support Wi-Fi sync.


Why don’t you update 1Password 3 for iOS?

The short answer is: we’d like to, but we can’t. When we launched 1Password 4 for iOS last year, we removed our three previous versions of 1Password 3 for iOS from the App Store to avoid confusion. Apps removed from sale can no longer be updated.

As a small team we need to focus our development efforts on making the current versions of 1Password even better.

Do you still support 1Password 3 for iOS?

Absolutely! While 1Password 3 for iOS will no longer be updated, our Customer Support team is always willing and able to help you with any questions you have for 1Password 3 for iOS.

What if my device cannot run iOS 6?

1Password 4 for iOS requires iOS 6, which is compatible with:

  • iPhone: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
  • iPod touch: iPod touch 4th & 5th generation
  • iPad: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini

If your device cannot run iOS 6, your next option is to sync with 1Password 3 for Mac over Wi-Fi, as mentioned above.

If you have any questions about how you are impacted, please contact our support team.

Heads up 1Password 3 for iPhone, iPad users: Dropbox changes are coming

1Password in DropboxSure, we released the major, year-in-the-making upgrade that is 1Password 4 in December, but we still make the previous version 3 of 1Password Pro, 1Password for iPhone, and 1Password for iPad available in the Purchased section of the App Store on your device. In fact, we still offer our critically acclaimed support to customers who use them!

I bring this up because Dropbox is making some changes that 1Password 3 for iOS users will want to know about, especially those who haven’t used the service for sync yet. If you’re a 1Password 4 user, just keep on passwordin'; none of these changes affect you because 1Password 4 for iOS already uses Dropbox’s spiffy new services.

Long story short: Dropbox is growing like crazy, and it recently made some significant changes to its API, the service that apps like 1Password use to move your data around. 1Password 3 uses the old version of this API, which will continue to work after March, but will no longer accept new users.

If you already use Dropbox to sync your 1Password 3 for iOS data

You’re fine. We worked out a deal with Dropbox to keep that door open for the time being.

If you own 1Password 3 for iOS but never hooked up Dropbox for sync

You may have a decision to make. If you hook up 1Password 3 for iOS to Dropbox before the end of March, you’ll get grandfathered in with our other customers and can continue to use Dropbox for sync past March. If you don’t hook it up, that option will disappear when the clock strikes midnight on Monday, April 1.

No, this isn’t an elaborate and ultimately unfunny setup for an April Fool’s joke. Our April Fool’s jokes are much nerdier.

Give it some thought, but remember you only have a couple weeks to decide. Give 1Password 4 for iOS a look as well. You don’t have to take our word for it, but it really is our finest work to date with over 20 major new features like Web Mode with a full browser and form filling for Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities, the ActionBar, Global Search, viewing attachments, and more.

Either way, we love all our customers and are happy to help with any questions you have!

1Password Stories: Tips and Tricks from our customers

We hear a lot of great 1Password tips and stories from customers. Sometimes it’s a clever trick, others it’s a great story about helping a family member, friend, or coworker discover 1Password or make a feature click in just the right way. Eventually, one of our Agile folks asked a simple question: why keep all this great stuff to ourselves?

Enter 1Password Stories, a new series we want to use to share these nuggets of awesome so everyone can get more out of 1Password. To kick this off, I want to start with some clever tricks that customers shared in our Agile forums and our Facebook Page:

  • Nick Peelman says he started using 1Password to store serial numbers for all his hardware. “I used to keep the note stored in plain text in Dropbox,” Nick wrote in our forum, “but using 1Password makes it a little easier to access, and as expected, more secure.”But wait, there’s more to it: “It’s handy to have a running list of serials for your hardware should anything ever go missing or get stolen. Storing that list securely in a cloud-based system makes it that much handier. It’s also a good way to identify your stuff among other people’s, should similar items ever get jumbled together.”Nick’s trick can be useful for all sorts of other situations, like adding these things to your insurance policy or calling customer support for service.
  • “bbinder” says he stopped bookmarking sites in browsers and started relying on 1Password and trick involving a couple of third-party apps. After all, by saving a site for a Login, you’re already creating a bookmark in 1Password, right? bbinder fancies LaunchBar, which is a great productivity utility that lets you control your Mac and do all sorts of things with just a couple strokes of the keyboard. In June this year, LaunchBar added support for looking up and opening your 1Password Logins, which was right up bbinder’s alley: “With LaunchBar’s 1Password integration, I hit the shortcut to open LaunchBar, then type in “1p” > space bar > and start typing away to get to the 1,000+ sites I have, condensed to what I am looking for.”A similar trick works with the 1Password extension in Chrome, and bbinder is all over it: “Since Chrome is my default browser on my Mac, I get the site opened [via my LaunchBar process] and get to work after 1Password fills in the site credentials and I’m on my way. If there are other sites I need to get to in a hurry, It’s a quick Command+T to open a new tab, type in 1p and hit the tab key and start typing in the site name and 1P automatically shows the relevant sites I’m looking to access. Select the site and it directs me there and logs me in.”In other words: if you’re curious about getting more done on your Mac with just your keyboard, bbinder just might be a person to talk to.
  • Richard Gaywood, PhD, 1Password customer, and TUAW writer extraordinaire, also shared a smart idea that I’ve heard from other customers in the past: “Before my wife went into hospital last week with could-have-been-serious problems, she put her 1Password password in my 1Password. Just in case.”It’s better to be safe than sorry in unfortunate circumstances like this. Fortunately, Richard’s wife came home yesterday and I think it’s safe to say that, while this is a good idea, it’s also a good thing they didn’t have to get much use out of it.
  • Penelope Pitstop shared a great idea in our forum, too: “I use 1PW pronounceable random passwords for my security questions on any account that requires them and store them in the notes field along with the original questions — something Jeff already advocates on the Agile Blog. “I’m not going to lie, this is a great idea that we are indeed big fans of, and Penelope nails why: “It’s easier to provide them verbally if required and mitigates against social engineering attacks.”

So that’s it for now, I don’t want to drown you in too many awesome 1Password ideas from our customers all at once.

If you have your own creative use for 1Password or a great story to share about how you helped a friend, family member, or coworker discover it, please tell us on our Facebook Page or in this Agile forums thread! The best part (besides helping everyone get even more out of 1Password!) is that we’re going to send t-shirts to some of our favorite storytellers!

Thanks to everyone who has shared so far, and we’ll be back soon with more 1Password Stories.

PSA: closing the book on iOS 3 soon, here’s how to backup your app

1Password Pro iconThere comes a time in every app’s life when it has to part ways with previous OSes. Sometimes the app has grown to the point where it must simply move on, sometimes it’s a mutually beneficial separation of the bytes. This time it’s a little bit of both.

1Password 3.7.1 for iPhone and iPad is in review with Apple, and it contains some typical fit and finish you would expect in a small update like this. This version will also remove support for iOS 3.0 (or, for the tech history nerds in the audience, what was originally called iPhone OS 3.0). We’ve found that the vast majority of our users have upgraded to iOS 5 and 6, so it’s time for us to streamline the app and our workflow to make 1Password even better. Plus, the latest version of Xcode, which we need in order to keep making 1Password all it can be, simply no longer supports iOS 3.

If, for whatever reason, you will continue using devices that cannot upgrade past iOS 3.x, we highly recommend backing up your current  copy of the app, just in case you ever need to reinstall it (of course, you should also backup your app’s data, too, and often). As far as I know, the App Store on iPhone and iPad will not display updates that do not support the device’s OS, but iTunes may be a different story. Besides, it never hurts to be prepared for a rainy day.

Fortunately, we have instructions for backing up your current copy of the 1Password app for both Mac and Windows users. Our update is in review with Apple, but it will arrive soon and we’d like you to be better safe than sorry. As for our new minimum OS requirement, 1Password now needs iOS 4.3 or later.

1Password for iPhone, iPad 3.7 now in the App Store

Hot on the heels of our 1Password Pro 3.7 update yesterday are 1Password for iPhone and 1Password for iPad 3.7. Now they’re like three peas in one big, happy, extremely secure pod!

We basically split out the new features and fixes you saw in 1Password Pro for each individual version. So for the iPhone, you get better iPhone 5 support and bug fixes, but also a new trick: when you generate a new password, it is automatically copied to your clipboard.

For iPad, you have improved VoiceOver support, bug fixes, and a new Generated Passwords section. As long as you generate passwords on Mac, Windows, or iPhone, and sync your data file with your iPad, you can view passwords you’ve generated on those platforms.

These free updates are now live in the store, so go grab em!

1Password Tips: use our built-in browser on iPhone and iPad

1Password Pro iconWe’ve been getting questions lately on how to add a 1Password button to Mobile Safari for iPhone and iPad. While I may have a little bit of bad news about that, I’m happy to say I have good news too. In fact, I think it’s great news about a really handy feature built right into 1Password that can save you quite a bit of time.

To cut to the chase, we can’t add our spiffy little 1Password button to Mobile Safari because Apple isn’t really feeling the extension vibe on iOS just yet. Have you noticed how you can’t add buttons for Evernote, Instapaper, or any of the other neat tools you can find in the desktop Safari Extensions Gallery? Fortunately, constraint breeds innovation. Since we can’t bring 1Password to Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad yet, our masterful developer ninjas decided to bring some Safari to 1Password.

If you need to log into a site on your iPhone or iPad, you can, of course:

  • manually type the site URL into Mobile Safari
  • double-tap your Home button to switch to 1Password
  • find the Login item
  • tap the password, then tap copy
  • double-tap your Home button again to switch back to Safari
  • paste the password
  • go on about your way

Or you could save yourself some tapping and switching and swiping and just tap the URL of your Login item. Yeah, you read that right: we built a browser right into 1Password for iPhone and iPad.

1Password will spring open a built-in browser to open the login page, into which it should fill your credentials. In case you need to give it a hand, tap the world icon in 1Password’s browser toolbar to copy and paste anything you need. Otherwise, you can tap the site’s sign in button and go on about your business right inside 1Password, no app switching required.

You can see some examples of this stuff in action in the gallery I embedded above. Naturally, we never stop thinking about ways to improve 1Password, so let us know what you think in the forums. For now, though, I hope 1Password’s built-in browser for iPhone and iPad can save you some time while getting things done on-the-go.

iOS 6 is nearly upon us! Here’s what you need to know

You’ve seen the iOS 6 previews, read the exposés, and your moment of upgrade glory is nearly here. You downloaded the iTunes 10.7 update, your internet’s restarted and fresh, you backed up your i-device to iCloud and/or iTunes, and you made sure to backup your 1Password data.

Wait, you did do your backups, right? I mean, better safe than sorry and all that jazz. And who doesn’t like jazz?

iOS 6 is great, and there’s some super stuff to play with like the new Mail, Siri updates, Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams (one of my favorites), Passbook, Apple’s new Maps, and more.

Our current version of 1Password for iOS works pretty well on the big 6.0. We are working on a minor 1Password 3.7 update to squash a couple small issues, though, so keep an eye out for that.

As for the iPhone 5’s arrival in two days, we’re watching our tracking numbers just as closely as you! We can’t wait to try out 1Password on the iPhone 5 to see how we can improve it for that gorgeous new display.

So, to review: iOS 6, backup, backup, backup. Now go rock those update buttons.

Some 1Password tips for iPhone and iPad to start your Tuesday off right

1Password Pro icon1Password for iPhone and iPad has some great tricks up its sleeve, including easy ways to let you peek at a password, a quick way to search, and even bumping Safari over in—or possibly out of—your dock. So let’s get started, shall we?

The Basics

  • Swipe to reveal password on iPad – 1Password for iPad behaves like the Mac version in that it conceals your passwords all the time. But if you want to get a quick look at a password, simply swipe to the right to reveal it. Want to conceal it again? Swipe to the left or simply tap another item.
  • Backup. Please – Of course, 1Password Pro for iPhone and iPad is a great companion to 1Password for Mac or Windows, but it works great  as a stand-alone client as well. Even if you use Apple’s iCloud service to backup your entire device though, it’s a very good idea to backup 1Password as well; you can never be too careful. Fortunately, we built a backup mechanism into 1Password Pro that doesn’t require you to sync with the Mac or Windows versions, and we have a doc that explains how to set it up.
  • Tap to get a Copy dialog – You can quickly copy many types of 1Password information to your clipboard with a simple tap (hold it for just a split second). You can tap a Login’s password and username, a Wallet item’s credit card number or bank routing details, and even Software licenses.

The Not-So-Basics

  • Customize your Auto-Lock settings – We set 1Password to lock pretty quickly by default because we want to make sure your information is protected from prying eyes. But let’s say you use 1Password Pro on an iPod touch or iPad that never leaves the house and you’d rather not have to type in your Master Password as often as we set it. If you’d like a little more flexibility in how often you have to unlock 1Password, go to Settings > Security and try out different Auto-Lock settings to find something that fits your environment and workflow.
  • Change your password conceal setting – You can choose whether the iPhone and iPad versions conceal your passwords by default under Settings > Display (on iPhone, tap the More section to get to Settings). Like the Auto-Lock setting, our users asked for some flexibility here to fit the way they work and play with 1Password.

1Password Like a Pro

  • Get to search, quick – Naturally, many users feel the fastest way to find the 1Password item they need is to search for it. One way to go about this is to use a great productivity utility like Launch Center Pro. Think of it as sort of an Alfred or LaunchBarfor 1Password, but for your iPhone (and, hopefully, soon for your iPad). Launch Center Pro is a way to quickly do a wide range of different tasks on your iPhone, and one of them just happens to be launching 1Password and going straight to the search section. After you install Launch Center Pro, add an action from the plus button in the upper right and search for 1Password. There are two options, and one is to search. Give it a name, place it where you want, and boom—you have a quick way to launch 1Password straight to the search dialog, even if you’re halfway across your Home Screen.
  • Use 1P as a browser replacement – I know earlier I told you about a quickly way to copy passwords and other information out of 1Password Pro, but maybe you don’t even have to bother doing that. We built a capable browser right into 1Password that can auto-fill usernames and passwords. All you need to do is find the Login you want to use in 1Password, then tap the arrow next to its URL to spring our browser into action. Depending on the website, you may need to tap the world icon in the browser’s toolbar to copy and paste that site’s Login details while in the browser. But in most cases, 1Password should fill your info in just fine. Simply tap the website’s login button to get on with your business.

I think that’s about enough 1Password Pro awesomeness to drop on you for today. Got a favorite trick like this? Share it in the forums and I’ll round up a few for a future post!

[Update: All is well again] PSA: Hold off for now on updating iPhone and iPad apps, including 1Password

[Update: Apple acknowledged and fixed the problem. You may once again resume your regularly scheduled updates and downloads.]

From rumblings in the community, it sounds like Apple’s App Store servers have a bug right now that causes newly installed apps or updates to irreversibly crash on startup, even if those apps worked perfectly before submitting to the store. The problem affects a wide number of apps from a whole bunch of developers, and Marco Arment has more details and a list of known affected apps.

We’re looking into the issue, and we assume Apple is too, though it has yet to comment on what’s going on. We’ve heard that Mac App Store updates are not affected, but you might as well be safe than sorry.

For now, it’s probably a good idea to hold off on installing updates for any apps, including ours. In the meantime, try going outside (if you aren’t in the middle of a nasty heat wave) or picking up a good book. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about what’s going on or when the problem is resolved.

Canada Day, Independence Day, and AgileBits 30 Percent Off Day! Erm… week!

AgileBits calls both Canada and the U.S. home (and other countries too!), so we have a couple of national celebrations coming up next week. But besides fireworks and traditional cuisine, we figured we could add something to the Canada Day and Independence Day festivities, so we’re having a sale!

Through July 8 (for you last-minute-ers, that’s 11:59pm two Sundays from now), all our products are 30 percent off! This goes for 1Password in the Mac App Store, 1Password Pro for iPhone and iPad, 1Password for WindowsKnox for Mac, and everything from our own web store.

Enjoy the festivities next week. But whether you’re celebrating a national holiday or not, enjoy 30 percent off of 1Password and Knox!