[Updated] If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and Dropbox sync, take action by September 1

Update Our sale ended September 6, thanks everyone! —– We’ve used Dropbox in 1Password for… forever. It’s a fantastic way to sync your data between all your devices. Dropbox continues to improve and innovate, making the service more accessible, faster, and even more secure. As part of this progress, Dropbox will disable its legacy API—the bridge that lets […]

Heads up 1Password 3 for iPhone, iPad users: Dropbox changes are coming

Sure, we released the major, year-in-the-making upgrade that is 1Password 4 in December, but we still make the previous version 3 of 1Password Pro, 1Password for iPhone, and 1Password for iPad available in the Purchased section of the App Store on your device. In fact, we still offer our critically acclaimed support to customers who […]

1Password Stories: Tips and Tricks from our customers

We hear a lot of great 1Password tips and stories from customers. Sometimes it’s a clever trick, others it’s a great story about helping a family member, friend, or coworker discover 1Password or make a feature click in just the right way. Eventually, one of our Agile folks asked a simple question: why keep all […]

PSA: closing the book on iOS 3 soon, here’s how to backup your app

There comes a time in every app’s life when it has to part ways with previous OSes. Sometimes the app has grown to the point where it must simply move on, sometimes it’s a mutually beneficial separation of the bytes. This time it’s a little bit of both. 1Password 3.7.1 for iPhone and iPad is […]

1Password for iPhone, iPad 3.7 now in the App Store

Hot on the heels of our 1Password Pro 3.7 update yesterday are 1Password for iPhone and 1Password for iPad 3.7. Now they’re like three peas in one big, happy, extremely secure pod! We basically split out the new features and fixes you saw in 1Password Pro for each individual version. So for the iPhone, you […]

1Password Tips: use our built-in browser on iPhone and iPad

We’ve been getting questions lately on how to add a 1Password button to Mobile Safari for iPhone and iPad. While I may have a little bit of bad news about that, I’m happy to say I have good news too. In fact, I think it’s great news about a really handy feature built right into […]

iOS 6 is nearly upon us! Here’s what you need to know

You’ve seen the iOS 6 previews, read the exposés, and your moment of upgrade glory is nearly here. You downloaded the iTunes 10.7 update, your internet’s restarted and fresh, you backed up your i-device to iCloud and/or iTunes, and you made sure to backup your 1Password data. Wait, you did do your backups, right? I […]

Some 1Password tips for iPhone and iPad to start your Tuesday off right

1Password for iPhone and iPad has some great tricks up its sleeve, including easy ways to let you peek at a password, a quick way to search, and even bumping Safari over in—or possibly out of—your dock. So let’s get started, shall we? The Basics Swipe to reveal password on iPad – 1Password for iPad behaves […]

[Update: All is well again] PSA: Hold off for now on updating iPhone and iPad apps, including 1Password

[Update: Apple acknowledged and fixed the problem. You may once again resume your regularly scheduled updates and downloads.] From rumblings in the community, it sounds like Apple’s App Store servers have a bug right now that causes newly installed apps or updates to irreversibly crash on startup, even if those apps worked perfectly before submitting […]

Canada Day, Independence Day, and AgileBits 30 Percent Off Day! Erm… week!

AgileBits calls both Canada and the U.S. home (and other countries too!), so we have a couple of national celebrations coming up next week. But besides fireworks and traditional cuisine, we figured we could add something to the Canada Day and Independence Day festivities, so we’re having a sale! Through July 8 (for you last-minute-ers, […]