1Password 4.3 for iOS brings Wi-Fi Sync, custom browser agents, more

A number of our customers want to sync their 1Password vault between multiple devices, but remain in complete control of their data, keeping it within their local network and out of The Cloud. We took a big step towards that goal earlier this month with the release of 1Password 4 for Mac and, among over […]

1Password 4 for Mac features: 1Password mini

With over 90 new features in 1Password 4 for Mac, I figured you could use some help exploring them. You can always check our Experience Guide, FAQs, and Knowledgebase, but I want to kick this series off with one of my favorites: 1Password mini. That’s right, we took a cue from Dr. Evil and genetically engineered […]

The 1Password 4 for Mac verdict is in

The all-new 1Password 4 for Mac sounds like a hit: I can’t work without 1Password. – Federico Viticci, MacStories 1Password is one of our favorite apps. – Sean Hollister, The Verge With lots of new landmark features, this release is a must-upgrade for existing users and a great buy for new customers. – Josh Ong, The Next Web It’s […]

Take Control of 1Password, a new ebook by Joe Kissell

You might recall the eminent Joe Kissell from other books like Take Control of Your Passwords. Clearly smitten with 1Password 4 for Mac, he decided to write an entire new ebook about how to get the most out of it, and even included sections for our iOS, Windows, and Android for good measure. Take Control […]

1Password 4 earns Mac App Store Editors’ Choice Award

Thank you, Apple. Thank you, all our incredible customers. We were delighted to launch 1Password 4 for Mac today, and now we’re thrilled to find we’re featured front ‘n center in the Mac App Store. Thank you. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

1Password 4 for Mac is here

62 alpha releases. 96 betas. Over 20,000 beta testers. My Mac stopped counting lines of revamped code. After more than a year of work, 1Password 4 for Mac is available now in the Mac App Store and here in our web store! What’s new? Everything. Yes, really. From an entirely new interface to the return of Wi-Fi […]

Apps that Love 1Password: Orbit for App.net

Our page of Apps that Love 1Password has experienced a sudden lack of gravity, as Orbit for App.net is the latest to add support for quickly searching 1Password for account credentials. Orbit is kind of like CloudApp for Mac and Droplr. It lets you quickly upload files from your iPhone and adds a short sharing link […]

A look at Wi-Fi Sync, a new way to control your data with 1Password

For some of our customers, having complete control of their data is paramount. They don’t want it leaving the confines of their home network, yet they want an easy way to sync their data between devices. Other customers have workplace restrictions, and our friends in China simply can’t access some cloud services. We recognize the […]

1Password makes it onto the “Dropbox for Business apps” page

1Password can do wonders for helping businesses secure their data, and Dropbox is a fantastic way for businesses to sync their data everywhere they need it. That’s why we’re honored to find Dropbox listed 1Password on its new Dropbox for Business apps page. We’re among some great company on that page too, like HipChat (which […]

Only you can make 1Password 4 for Mac’s first-run experience awesome, and maybe win a t-shirt

Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true since we’re the ones developing it and all. But we do need your help with something very, very important. See, we here at AgileBits have used 1Password for a really long time, which means it’s hard for us to think about it the same way new users will. A curse […]