Windows Chrome users get some 1Password love, too!

We recently let our Mac users know about the amazing new extension for Chrome on OS X, but we didn’t want our Windows users to feel left out, so… we’re pleased to announce 1Password support for Chrome on Windows! Download the latest beta of 1Password for Windows and open the preferences (CTRL-P). You’ll find a […]

Exciting updates to the Chrome extension!

We finished some great updates to the 1Password Chrome Extension over the weekend, and wanted to let everybody know about some new features: First, we received a lot of feedback from our users about not being able to disable Autosubmit, and we were able to fix that. We also received many requests for customizable keyboard […]

Chrome users: you're going to love this!

We’ve got some great news for Chrome users: the latest version of 1Password includes a completely, 100% awesome revamp of the 1Password extension for Chrome. If we may say so, it’s pretty amazing. With full support for form-filling, Identities and Credit Cards, it not only reaches feature-parity with the Safari and Firefox extensions, you might […]

Chrome extension updated to 0.6.2

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** We’ve had a bunch of great feedback in our Chrome extension forum from 1Password users willing to help us test our alpha Chrome extension – thanks folks! One of the comments we most frequently heard was that, even […]

A 1Password alpha for Chromium is here

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** You’ve shown your support for 1Password in Chrome by emailing, posting in our forums, tweeting, Facebook poking, shipping sacrificial lambs (tip: FedEx is much more lamb-friendly than UPS), offering first-borns, and even a really good pie. We really […]

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: Edit in Browser

You’re busy. You have stuff to do, your boss or professor has more stuff for you to do, and sometimes the last thing you want to deal with is changing a 1Password Login or updating a Credit Card so you can finish your online shopping and get back to avoiding all that stuff. This is […]

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: 1PasswordAnywhere

Now that we’ve outed some of 1Password 3’s hottest new features, it’s time to start exploring some of them in our Feature Spotlight series. First up is one of our most-requested features: 1PasswordAnywhere. 1Password is a Mac application, but what about the times when you’re visiting that one family member for the holidays who hasn’t […]