Yay! Firefox 4 beta 7, let's dance!

By which I mean Snoopydance, naturally. I’m happy to tell you that the latest 1Password for Mac beta (3.5.1 beta 2, as of this writing) introduces support for Firefox 4 beta 7! We said late last week that we hoped we wouldn’t have to keep you nice folks waiting too long, and Developer Chad really […]

New "Foxy" beta in town

Twitters been all a-titter with glowing praise for all of Firefox 4 beta 7’s newshiny niftiness. There’s the blazing speed, for example. The extensions are a given, of course. Then there’s this new Panorama thing they’ve got goin’ on. All really cool stuff, but there’s one thing missing, and your tweets tell us you’ve noticed: […]

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: Edit in Browser

You’re busy. You have stuff to do, your boss or professor has more stuff for you to do, and sometimes the last thing you want to deal with is changing a 1Password Login or updating a Credit Card so you can finish your online shopping and get back to avoiding all that stuff. This is […]

1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: 1PasswordAnywhere

Now that we’ve outed some of 1Password 3’s hottest new features, it’s time to start exploring some of them in our Feature Spotlight series. First up is one of our most-requested features: 1PasswordAnywhere. 1Password is a Mac application, but what about the times when you’re visiting that one family member for the holidays who hasn’t […]

1Password is ready for Firefox 3.5

By now you probably know that Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5 with a slew of new features and enhancements. But we’re sure that Firefox-slinging 1Password users are all wondering the same question: is it safe to update yet? Fortunately, the answer is yes! We tested 1Password with Firefox 3.5 through the beta period and didn’t […]