1Password was on stage at Dropbox’s first developer conference! [Update with video]

It’s not every day that you get to share a stage with Dropbox’s founder and CEO, Drew Houston. But this was just such a day for us, as AgileBits was invited to speak at Dropbox’s first-ever developer conference in San Francisco. The conference is called DBX, and Dropbox invited our CEO, Jeff Shiner, to be […]

We’re opening a Toronto office, need developers and support reps to fill it!

It has been a period of great celebration and growth at AgileBits. 1Password for iOS is a resounding success. We’ve grown to over 25 team members. Major upcoming releases for Mac, Windows, and Android foretell a bright future for our customers. This is why we call on you, now, to help us build that future. […]

Show some 1Password love with our new t-shirts!

Know what’s cool? T-shirts. Know what’s even cooler? 1Password t-shirts, and now you can get your very own! Available in both women’s and men’s sizes from our new Agile Goods Store, these 1Password t-shirts do double-duty. They make you look fantastic and ensure you never forget your password. They’re a cotton + recycled polyester two-fer! You can […]

Exciting News from WWDC 2013

Today, Apple revealed OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 during their World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. It was great to be in the audience watching this amazing event unfold. One new feature that debuted was iCloud Keychain. We’re excited by this announcement. Apple educating their customers about the importance of strong, unique passwords […]

On the NSA, PRISM, and what it means for your 1Password data

It should come as no surprise that the NSA (United States National Security Agency) has easy access to data that ordinary people store online. Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act (of 2001) and section 702 of FISA (renewed and extended many times over its long history) give the US government the legal authority to gather […]

Help 1Password support Adults with Learning Disabilities

We like to help people here at AgileBits, whether or not it involves keeping your passwords and other things safe. When we discovered we will soon have an opportunity to do a little of both, we couldn’t resist, and we wanted to see if you could lend a hand. Frederick Sarran likes to ride bikes. […]

Apps that Love 1Password: iCab Mobile

Good news, everyone: the Apps that Love 1Password page has broken into the iOS browser scene, thanks to Alexander Clauss’s iCab Mobile. This is particularly good news for me, as iCab has been my main iOS browser for quite a while. With the big version 7.0 upgrade Alexander released, iCab Mobile’s action menu now lets you switch […]

Our own Chris De Jabet makes an appearance on Geek Beat TV

Chris De Jabet, AgileBits’ own Caffeinated Problem Solver, ran into Cali Lewis of Geek Beat TV fame and got to chat with her about 1Password. She even tried to squeeze out some details on what we have coming next but, remembering that we are indeed a security company, Chris decided to leave the cat in the […]

The top 6 worst passwords from the Star Trek universe [Updated]

You would think that, once we master space exploration and how to replicate the perfect cup of Earl Grey, everyone in the future according to Star Trek would understand the necessity for unique, strong passwords. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. And no, as we’ll see later, biometrics (like voice authentication) don’t seem to help. As […]

1Password 4 for Mac delayed so AgileBits team can focus on refreshing WWDC announcement page

1Password 4 for Mac is shaping up to be our greatest release ever, and no one is more excited for you to see it than we are. However, as of today, April 1, 1Password 4 for Mac has been delayed indefinitely so the entire AgileBits team can focus on refreshing Apple’s WWDC website in anticipation of 2013 […]