CNN recommends 1Password as a password manager!

The topic of securing one’s email and other accounts is becoming more important than ever, so CNN is offering some advice to viewers on how best to protect their sensitive information. They even called in some assistance from Clay Johnson, CEO of the Department of Better Technology, who recommended 1Password to get the job done! […]

On Ars Technica’s most excellent comprehensive review of password security

Dan Goodin at Ars Technica published an excellent article reviewing password security and explaining why people need randomly generated and unique passwords for every site and service. That is a message you hear from us frequently. One thing that is clear from Goodin’s review is that many of the underlying issues are more complicated than most people […]

1Password 3 for Mac wins Macworld Eddy!

Yesterday, the Twitterverse reported some amazing news to us: we won a Macworld Editor’s Choice Award for 1Password 3 for Mac! To say that we’re blown away is a mighty understatement. I mean, sure, we think 1Password is the bee’s knees, but I reckon we’re just a tad biased. =) 2010 has been an amazing […]

1Password in iLounge’s 100 Essential iOS Apps of 2010!

We just got word that 1Password for iPhone and iPod touch made it into the 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyer’s Guide as one of the 100 essential apps of 2010. In fact, we’re first on the list in the productivity section! You can check out the guide at iLounge and see what other treasures are on the […]

1Password sparkles as a Macworld Gem

Image courtesy of Macworld Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes was tasked with selecting a list of 10 must-install OS X applications. Anyone who’s been using a Mac for even a little while knows that this is no easy task, given the amount of amazing OS X software out there. Have a look at the article […]

1Password Guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

So there I was, going through my daily routine, responding to folks on Twitter, when I came across this tweet: Hang on, what? 1Password on Jimmy Kimmel Live? I don’t really know anything about the show, so I asked @sleuth for more information. Jason sent me a link to the episode on ABC’s web site […]