Only you should 0wn your data, Part 2: Staying safe

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice: That alone should encourage the crew. Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice: What I tell you three times is true. —Lewis Carroll “The Hunting of the Snark” In Part 1 of this series I discussed how your 1Password data […]

Use Alfred for Mac to quickly open 1Password Logins

(UPDATE: This is no longer a prerelease feature, you can use it right now!) If you’re like many enterprising Mac users, you probably use a utility like Alfred, a great productivity booster shot that lets you open apps, move files, search specific websites, control iTunes, and much more with just a few keyboard strokes. Thanks to […]

1Password Power Tip [Mac]: Create a 1Click Bookmark

Know what’s fast? Typing in a URL, then hitting Command-\ to automatically fill your 1Password Login and randomized password to get on with what you’re doing. Know what’s even faster? Clicking a single bookmark to have all that work done for you. Nerd blogger Brett Kelly, productive podcast Back to Work, TUAW, and Lifehacker have recently mentioned […]

PSA: Keep your software up to date (an ode to Apple Security Update 2012-001)

Apple released its first big OS X update of 2012 this week, and it’s pretty big. It’s easier than ever to keep your computer up-to-date these days, but it never hurts to review good habits, especially when it comes to keeping your computer and data secure. By far, the largest number of compromises of home […]

1Password Tips: A quick way to create Software License items [Mac]

One of 1Password’s many tricks is being a handy, secure place to store all your software licenses. You know, all those apps you’ve bought over the years, or all those multi-user licenses you have to keep track of for your business? Instead of leaving those lying around in Sticky Notes and random Mail folders, the File […]

Extension Tip: Keyboard shortcuts aplenty

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to jumpstart your week with copious amounts of coffee or tea and some great keyboard shortcuts for our new browser extension! One of the great things about this new extension format is that it’s much friendlier to both mouse cowboys and keyboard ninjas. We’ve had great feedback from mouse […]

Tips: How to Find Duplicate Passwords

We have talked a lot about the issue with password reuse but we haven’t mentioned on how to find them in 1Password for Mac. The best way to do this is to first know the password you’re looking for, enter it into the search field of 1Password and press the enter key. You’ll get a bar that drops […]

Get our full text feeds!

We recently switched from Tumblr back to a self-hosted blog, and our RSS feed address has changed. For folks who read our posts via RSS, you’ll want to update your reader to point to . That way, you’ll get the full text of the articles, and not just a teaser!

Easily find duplicate passwords in your logins

As pointed out by Glen on our post about the Gawker hack, there’s an easy way to quickly determine where you’ve used a certain username/password combination, whether it’s already been compromised or you just want to improve your web security before something happens (we recommend the latter). You probably know by now that the only […]

Hide and Lock 1Password at the same time!

Our own Jamie Phelps has put together a couple of [Automator Workflows]( for Mac OS X which can be used to quickly hide or minimize 1Password and lock it at the same time. You can add a shortcut key and make it all happen with a single key combination! *Using the directions that follow will […]