Import your MacHeist nanoBundle 2 licenses to 1Password

So you just scored some great software for an insanely low price at MacHeist, and now you’re wondering if it’s possible to import the licenses for those apps into 1Password for safe keeping down the road. Fortunately, it’s possible. The MacHeist ninjas just added a downloadable 1Password Interchange File (or 1Pif for short) to your […]

1Password touch/Pro 2.4 hack and slash bugs

1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.4 are live in the iTunes App Store! These aren’t groundbreaking releases that will forever change the way you do anything, but they do fix a few bugs that appeared in 2.3. Most notably, the “generated passwords won’t save” bug is now quite dead. Problems with auto-rotation, displaying wallet […]

Chrome tip: our 1Password alpha extension updates itself!

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** We’ve had a bunch of great feedback in our Chrome extension forum from 1Password users willing to help us test our alpha Chrome extension – thanks folks! For those just tuning in: yes, we have an alpha version […]

1Password touch 2.3 is live in App Store!

You waited patiently, and we worked diligently to bring you 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.3. It’s live in App Store now, so fire up iTunes or your i-device and get downloading! This is a pretty major update that brings both 1Password touch versions in better feature parity with 1Password 3 for Mac. New […]

Google Chrome beta for Mac gained extensions, and we're on it!

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** Good news, everyone! Google has just released a major update to Chrome for Mac with the feature we’ve all been waiting for: a new icon! No, a redesigned back button! Er, more scrolly scrollbars? Wait, that can’t be […]

Off to Macworld Expo 2010, and a mention in Macworld!

Are you going to Macworld Expo 2010? We are! While we don’t have a booth this year, Agile team members Gita Lal, Marty Skinner, Cindy Compton, and I will be combing the show floor and hitting the parties. Gita, Cindy, and I are on Twitter (@justg, @macpug and @chartier, respectively), so we’ll tweet what and […]

The Agile Cruise 2010

After releasing major upgrades to 1Password, 1Password touch, and AllBookmarks 4.0 in 2009, the Agile Web Solutions team decided it was time for some R&R! Many of us have never set sail on the seas, so a five-day Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Mexico and Belize City, Belize sounded like the perfect opportunity to relax, […]

Help 1Password win's Reader's Choice Award 2010!

We’re honored that 1Password 3 was nominated for’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards in the Best System Utility category! We’re up against some great competition like Default Folder X (which I personally use and love), MouseWizard, DaisyDisk, and MainMenu. But as much as we love our fellow indie Mac apps, I do believe that it […]

1Password promoted and recommended by Apple's San Francisco store

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think this photo from Berk D. Demir speaks for itself. He snapped this shot from one of Apple’s San Francisco store demos, where the employee featured our website and recommended 1Password to his audience! (Also, before you ask: no, the slight irony that Berk […]

Lifehacker: "Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That"

Lifehacker’s “The How-To Geek” wrote a reality check about password security in the 21st century, and the summarized thesis is that things are still not great. The blogger points out some pitfalls of modern security implementations, including the fact that Pidgin, a popular open-source, multi-protocol chat client, stores account passwords on the drive in plain […]