A look back at a very Agile 2009

What a year! We laughed, we cried, but fortunately, no one hurled. We kicked off 2009 by winning an award at Macworld, then expanded the company by hiring four new people, and hit our home stretch by releasing major new versions of both 1Password and AllBookmarks. Plenty more happened along the way, though, so pull […]

Tip: Add tags when saving new Logins from your browser

Among the 30 improvements we added to 1Password 3.0.2 yesterday is a new box for tags in our Save to 1Password tool. Now when you save a new Login from Safari, Firefox, and other dedicated browsers, you’ll be able to add tags (support for organizing your items with tags is new in 1Password 3). In addition […]

Tip: Get a little 1Password 3 in Google Chrome (and Opera!) now (Updated again!)

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** Google released the first official beta of Chrome for Mac on Tuesday. Many of our customers have been asking for us to support Chrome, so we have both good and bad news about this release. I’ll get the […]

Chrome support is coming, but waiting on Google

*** Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way! *** At version 4, Google Chrome will finally get around to the Mac. We’re almost as excited as you are for a shiny new browser, which is why we’ve updated our official Google Chrome support status on our browser […]

Leo Laporte chooses 1Password 3 for his MacBreak Weekly Pick

We want to extend a big thanks to Leo Laporte, the brains and voice behind the TWiT Netcast Network, for choosing 1Password 3 as his Pick of the Week in MacBreak Weekly episode 168! Leo touts a number of features in the upgrade like the new software licenses section, file attachments, Edit in Browser, tags, […]

This year we're thankful for you: Get 1Password for iPhone for free!

We here at Agile Web Solutions love making great software, but we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without you. Yes you: our customer, there reading this at your office desk, or at home on the couch, on the bus, or while sipping a Caramel Macchiato.  You are the reason we get to make software. So to […]

Rockstar Customers Roundup: 1Password 3 beta and other reviews

Over the years, 1Password has won quite a few awards and testimonials from the press and happy customers alike. Naturally, when we find out about these kind words, we take a short break from trying to make 1Password even more awesome, congratulate each other on a job well done, and humbly collect the sentiment for […]

Come one, come all, and get your 1Password 3 public beta

You’ve waited patiently, commented, posted in our forums, and tweeted about getting your hands on a public beta of 1Password 3. Some of you probably even sent smoke signals and carrier pigeons, and we apologize if we missed them (though I think one of the latter failed to miss my wife’s car). After all this, […]

We certainly hope the world doesn't end like this

Considering that today is Thanksgiving in Canada, we figured it’s a good time to lighten things up a bit (fun fact: Agile Web Solutions’ two co-founders live in Canada). Coincidentally, this Frank & Ernest comic was shared with us by Terry Brock on Twitter just this morning. We sure are thankful to have a product […]

Hotmail breach exposes all-too-common passwords

Have you reset your password recently? If you use a password that is anything like the 10,000 that were just stolen and leaked from Hotmail users, you might want to. As the story goes, an anonymous user published a list of over 10,000 stolen passwords from Hotmail users. Researchers and security firms like Acunetix immediately […]