Update: 1Password on Snow Leopard

We have done a bad job explaining 1Password 2, 1Password 3, and Snow Leopard and inadvertantly created a lot of confusion. I’m sorry about that and hope that this post will clear things up. 1Password 2 on Snow Leopard 1Password 2 works fine on Snow Leopard “out of the box”. The main application and all […]

What's coming in 1Password 3

1Password 3 is shaping up quite nicely, so we wanted to give you a better idea of all the awesome features we’ve been working on for the past year. After all, 1Password 2 came out nearly three years ago, so customers are excited and want to know what they’re getting when purchasing an upgrade license […]

Upgrading to Snow Leopard? Try the 1Password 3 beta early

UPDATE: Please see Update: 1Password and Snow Leopard Last weekend we discussed the ins and outs of what the release of Snow Leopard means for users of 1Password 2 and our forthcoming sequel, 1Password 3: The Revenge of the Awesome. However, we’re still getting questions about 1Password 3 and whether users should upgrade to Snow […]

CNET: 1Password is "the easy way to surf securely"

1Password won an Editor’s Choice Award from CNET earlier this year, but it is once again back in the tech network’s spotlight. In CNET’s newsletter this week, Senior Associate Editor Jason Parker recommends 1Password as the easy way to surf securely and as the best in its class: Most people start to use the same […]

Someone at TNT's "Leverage" likes 1Password 3

We’re still wrapping up our private beta test of 1Password 3, but already it appears as though someone on the production crew of TNT’s “Leverage” drama is a fan. Take a look at some comparison screenshots from a recent Leverage episode called “The Top Hat Job.” Call me crazy, but that sure looks like an […]

A warm welcome to Steel users

As you may have heard by now, Gravity Applications, makers of SofaControl and Tags, has decided to discontinue developing Steel, its password manager. Steel should continue to work on current systems, but no future updates are planned. In order to help Steel users switch to an alternative, we’ve teamed with Gravity Applications to offer a […]

How to: Use the multi-item clipboard feature in 1Password touch Pro

Ask for a better explanation of how to use 1Password touch Pro’s multi-item clipboard, and ye shall receive. We’ve created a short demo video, embedded above, on how to use this feature. It uses a basic example of Facebook’s mobile site which requires an email and password, but it should apply to just about any […]

Revisiting how to respond to a data breach

Earlier this month, freelance hiring service Elance suffered a data breach. Announced on the company’s blog, hackers obtained the contact information of registered users like name, email address, telephone number, and city. Login information was also stolen, though Elance says that passwords were protected with encryption. No other account information, such as credit card numbers […]

Welcome to 1Password touch

Hot on the heels of our fresh new Welcome to 1Password video comes Welcome to 1Password touch, a captivating tale of murder, mystery, and a love long forgotten. Wait, wait, wait… sorry, wrong video. Welcome to 1Password touch is our new “foot-in-the-door” for aspiring 1Password touch customers. It’s embedded above and it struts some of […]

Suggestion – How to make App Store better

I read a post today about a couple of developers that, combined, created over 3,000 iPhone applications. It means that they were submitting over 8 apps/day every day since the opening of the App Store. You can guess what the quality and the overall value of these apps are. This is just another kind of […]