1Password touch, encryption, and iPhone

As you may have heard by now, the new iPhone 3GS features hardware encryption for protecting data on the device. Apple is touting this feature as part of a new Enterprise-ready push for the device. As you may also have heard from this Wired story, an iPhone developer, hacker, and professor named Jonathan Zdziarski called […]

Video: Why Macworld loves 1Password

We aren’t putting the Macworld folks up to this – we swear! But the latest bit from Senior Editor Dan Frakes professes Macworld’s love for 1Password in video, with a great teaser intro using good ol’ fashioned words: One of the more popular bits of Mac software – at least around the Macworld office – […]

Welcome to 1Password

New “Welcome to 1Password” video: meet Everyone. Everyone: Meet the new “Welcome to 1Password” video! It was time to put a fresh foot forward for 1Password, so we created a new introductory video that shows off some of its most popular features. This is just one of many videos to come, as we have a […]

Twitter founder recommends 1Password in wake of company's hack

The fine folks at Twitter suffered an unfortunate security breach this week when hundreds of the company’s internal documents, spreadsheets, and other files were stolen and leaked to the Internet (note: this was business planning stuff, not usernames or passwords of folks like you and me). Information like employee interview schedules, building alarm codes, credit […]

A potential solution to keep 1Password's button in Safari 4's toolbar

We’ve had a few reports that, after updating to Safari 4, our 1Password button may refuse to stay in the toolbar. We aren’t quite sure of the scope of the problem yet, but we think we have a potential solution. Part of the problem may simply be due to changes that Apple made to Safari’s […]

Macworld tips its hat twice at 1Password

While speaking on the general topic of how – and why – to create stronger passwords, Macworld’s Joe Kissell recommends 1Password as a way to better secure one’s online life. More specifically, Kissell writes: Agile Web Solutions’ outstanding $40 1Password utility includes a flexible password generator among its many features. In case you haven’t seen the […]

Getting 1Password to work on Snow Leopard (Updated)

Maybe you’re a developer helping Apple put some final spit and polish on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the forthcoming major update that’s due by September this year. Or maybe you’re an ahem enthusiastic user who just has to peek at what Apple has behind the curtain. Either way, you are now frantically looking […]

Features coming soon to 1Password touch Pro (Updated)

Update: We released 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.2 in early August with some new features, so we have updated this chart accordingly. 1Password touch Pro’s price has also increased to $7.99 on its journey towards its eventual price of $14.99. Original post: Earlier this week we explained why 1Password touch Pro is not […]

A tale of two 1Password touch apps

Alright, we’ll admit it: 1Password touch and our new 1Password touch Pro are not the best candidates for a round of “One of These Things is Not Like The Other.” Sure, we just introduced the Pro version with Quick Copy and Paste and a “Look up in 1Password” Safari bookmarklet (get it here). But besides […]

1Password touch Pro 2.1 gets its iPhone OS 3.0 groove on

Today is iPhone OS 3.0 day, and we had to get in on the fun with a new version of 1Password touch for iPhone and iPod touch. The “standard” version will continue to sell for $4.99 in the App Store, and it is now iPhone OS 3.0 compatible. But 1Password touch Pro 2.1 hops on […]