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1Password 4 for Mac

Released October 2013, 1Password 4 for Mac is the best way to make staying secure online and offline more convenient. This year-long, pixel-to-bit reengineering of our Mac client includes over 90 brand new features like Multiple and Shared Vaults, Wi-Fi Sync as a cloud-less sync option, 256-bit Authenticated Encryption, iCloud Sync, a brand new and simplified interface, Security Audit, and a completely rewritten browser extension with a unified experience no matter which browser(s) you use.

Download the 1Password 4 for Mac Press Kit

1Password 4 for iOS

We gave the best password and identity manager for iPhone and iPad its most powerful upgrade yet. Dozens of new features let you bring all your personal and sensitive data on-the-go, and our new, full-featured 1Browser lets you log into websites, fill tedious registration forms, and shop online—all with a single tap.

Download the 1Password 4 for iOS Press Kit

1Password for Windows

A full-featured client built for Microsoft’s power and flexibility, 1Password for Windows melds security and convenience for the most popular operating system in the world.

Download the 1Password for Windows Press Kit

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