Here you can find photo galleries, media contact forms, and the legends behind the myths of AgileBits products.

1Password 5 for iOS

Released September 2014 in time for iOS 8, 1Password 5 for iOS packs incredible features like App Extensions, Safari support, and Touch ID. It’s also the first iOS edition to go freemium.

Download the 1Password 5 for iOS press kit

1Password 4 for Android

Released June 2014. 1Password 4 for Android is a complete, full-featured reimagining of our Android app for both phones and tablets. Users can manage their vaults, edit and create items, and sync via Dropbox and Android’s Folder Sync support. The app is free and all features can be unlocked with a one-time, in-app purchase.

Download the 1Password 4 for Android press kit

1Password 4 for Mac

Released October 2013, 1Password 4 for Mac is the best way to make staying secure online and offline more convenient. This year-long, pixel-to-bit reengineering of our Mac client includes over 90 brand new features like Multiple and Shared Vaults, Wi-Fi Sync as a cloud-less sync option, 256-bit Authenticated Encryption, iCloud Sync, a brand new and simplified interface, Security Audit, and a completely rewritten browser extension with a unified experience no matter which browser(s) you use.

Download the 1Password 4 for Mac press kit

1Password for Windows

Released June 2014, 1Password for Windows melds security and convenience for the most popular operating system in the world. Users can create strong, unique passwords for all their accounts, log in with a single click, sync over Wi-Fi (no cloud required!), and encrypt all their important information with the one password they need to remember.

Download the 1Password for Windows press kit