Mr. Reader, Edgewise add support for 1Password for iOS

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because, yes, it’s really starting to seem like we need an official page to collect all the iPhone and iPad apps that are adding 1Password support!

I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, our first addition today is Mr. Reader, a feature-packed newsreader for Google Reader and, soon, other services. As of Mr. Reader 1.11.2, as long as you have 1Password 4 for iOS installed, you should see it as an option in most login dialogs, making it easier for you to sign into Google Reader and the long list of social media services Mr. Reader supports for sharing.

The second member of our growing, integrated family is Edgewise, a cycling activity client for Garmin Connect. A 1Password icon now appears on Edgewise’s login page, making it easier for you to login and view a list of your past rides, complete with useful information like performance data, your route map, and interactive charts.

We’d like to thank the developers behind Mr. Reader and Edgewise for making it easier for 1Password users to login and get to reading and analyzing!

Notefile joins the 1Password Integration Club!

As you may have noticed, apps are starting to hop aboard the 1Password integration bandwagon, and we love hearing about every new member our secure geeky family. Our latest addition is Notefile from Junecloud, makers of the lovely Delivery Status iOS app and OS X dashboard widget.

Notefile is an app that lets you sync your notes from your iOS devices to the corresponding Mac App. As more folks end up being multiple device users, these sorts of solutions become more important. As a Delivery Status user, I’ve been pleased with the ease of Junecloud’s syncing feature since it always just worked. They’ve set up their servers to allow Junecloud syncing with Notefile, and it’s pretty straightforward to set up. Even more straightforward if you already log in to Junecloud servers (and saved that login item in 1Password):

If I were more clever, this would be XKCD level hilarity. Sorry to disappoint.

The syncing prefpane for Notefile, now with more 1Password!

When you tap the 1Password icon in the login panel, it takes you to 1Password for iOS, and after you unlock it, the search is filled in with (which would be the default name of the item when you saved it). Then you can copy your info and switch back to Notefile where you enter your login and password and get things syncing. It’s pretty slick overall, and anything that saves a few steps in iOS is pretty fab. So if you’re looking for a syncing solution for notes, check out Notefile. It’s available in both iOS ($4.99US) and Mac OS ($4.99US) flavors.

Etsy adds 1Password support to its iPhone, iPad app

Etsy 1PRemember when we released initial support for developers to add a little 1Password to their iOS apps? From Tweetbot to Poster, a number of apps have already made it easier to login with 1Password or send links to Web Mode, our fantastic new built-in browser. Today, we’re honored to say that Etsy for iPhone and iPad has hopped on board!

If you aren’t familiar, Etsy is a ridiculously popular online marketplace for handmade, vintage, and other goods. Now when you try to login with today’s Etsy 2.5 update for iPhone and iPad, tapping the key icon in the password field will switch you to 1Password, which then asks you to unlock if necessary, then automatically searches your items for your Etsy Login.

Here’s a pro tip: when you find your Etsy Login (or any Login, for that matter), swipe across it to use the new Action Bar, then tap the clipboard button; it makes copying your password a little quicker.

Thanks to Etsy for adding 1Password support! This is great to see, and we’ve had a lot of great feedback from developers on how to make this even easier and better. There’s plenty more of this to come!

Tweetbot hops on the 1Password train

Tweetbot iconEver since we introduced URL scheme support in 1Password 4.1, app support has been coming fast and furious. First there was Launch Center Pro and Riposte, then came Felix, and today Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad, one of the most popular Twitter clients, has taken a seat on the 1Password Browser Express.

As of Tweetbot 2.7 for iPhone and iPad, you can now set 1Password (and even Google Chrome) as your default browser. Just go to Tweetbot’s settings to find this new option by tapping the account icon in the upper left, then “Accounts & Settings”, then Settings to see the new “Browser” section.

This means you can now tap a link in your tweet stream and automatically switch to 1Password to view it in the spectacular new Web Mode. If it’s a site you frequently comment on, you can use AutoFill in Web Mode to quickly log in and say your 2¢. Or, if it’s something you want to buy, you can use our new AutoFill support for Identities and Credit Cards to fill in your shipping and Credit Card information right from the palm of your hand.

If you don’t want to open every single link in 1Password, you can also leave Tweetbot’s “Open in Tweetbot” feature enabled. This will preserve what’s been the default behavior—opening links in the in-app browser—but it replaces the “Open in Safari” option from the action arrow with “open in 1Password.” Then you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of quickly browsing links within Tweetbot, but the option to open some sites in 1Password where you can use AutoFill for Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards. Everybody wins!

We’d like to thank Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine at Tapbots for making this happen.

Felix for iPhone shakes hands with 1Password

Felix icon 150pxWhereby “shakes hands” I mean “gets cozy,” and whereby “cozy” I mean “builds in some really, really cool stuff you can do with 1Password.” Ok, enough of that.

We recently added support for URL schemes for developers and enterprising users to 1Password for iOS, and developers are all over it. Launch Center Pro and Riposte are two of the first apps to build in 1Password support, and today, Felix for joins their ranks with a first of its own.

For those playing at home, is an ad-free platform for doing stuff online. The first thing of that stuff is a messaging service that’s a bit like Twitter, and Felix for iPhone is a client that lets you get your messages on. It also happens to have a built-in web browser for perusing links your friends share, so as of the big Felix 1.4 update, you can now open some or all of those links in 1Password for iOS.

For starters, you can long-press on any link to get the option of opening it in 1Password; this is great for a per-link basis. But if you really want to go all the way, you can tap Felix’s dashboard button in the toolbar, scroll all the way down to Settings, scroll down to the bottom of said Settings, and flip on the “Open links in 1Password” option to make that the default for every link you tap in Felix.

In other words, yes: for all you customers who dreamed of the day when you can set 1Password as a default browser for all links, Felix is the first app to make it happen.

For bonus points, Felix still has your back if you opt to open links with the built-in browser but still want a quick way to log into a site when needed. Just tap Felix’s in-browser action button, then tap “Find in 1Password” to switch apps and automatically search Logins for the site you’re viewing in Felix.

We’d like to thank Bill Kunz at Tigerbears for adding such a great 1Password experience to Felix. You can get the excellent Felix 1.4 update now in the App Store.