A somewhat ordered list of iOS apps that integrate 1Password

You may have seen some of our recent posts about iOS apps integrating 1Password, making it easier to use the spiffy new Web Mode to browse the web or simply to log into apps using your strong, unique passwords created with the Strong Password Generator. We’ll keep letting you know all the new apps that […]

Mr. Reader, Edgewise add support for 1Password for iOS

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because, yes, it’s really starting to seem like we need an official page to collect all the iPhone and iPad apps that are adding 1Password support! I’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime, our first addition today is Mr. Reader, a feature-packed newsreader for Google Reader […]

Notefile joins the 1Password Integration Club!

As you may have noticed, apps are starting to hop aboard the 1Password integration bandwagon, and we love hearing about every new member our secure geeky family. Our latest addition is Notefile from Junecloud, makers of the lovely Delivery Status iOS app and OS X dashboard widget. Notefile is an app that lets you sync […]

Etsy adds 1Password support to its iPhone, iPad app

Remember when we released initial support for developers to add a little 1Password to their iOS apps? From Tweetbot to Poster, a number of apps have already made it easier to login with 1Password or send links to Web Mode, our fantastic new built-in browser. Today, we’re honored to say that Etsy for iPhone and iPad has hopped on board! […]

Poster brings WordPress and 1Password closer together on iOS

The newest seat on the 1Password Express has been taken by none other than Poster, the universal WordPress blogging client from Tom Witkins. Whether you setup a new WordPress blog hosted at WordPress.com or your own web host, Poster will display a 1Password button on the login screen if you have it installed. Tap it, […]

Tweetbot hops on the 1Password train

Ever since we introduced URL scheme support in 1Password 4.1, app support has been coming fast and furious. First there was Launch Center Pro and Riposte, then came Felix, and today Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad, one of the most popular Twitter clients, has taken a seat on the 1Password Browser Express. As of Tweetbot […]

Felix for iPhone shakes hands with 1Password

Whereby “shakes hands” I mean “gets cozy,” and whereby “cozy” I mean “builds in some really, really cool stuff you can do with 1Password.” Ok, enough of that. We recently added support for URL schemes for developers and enterprising users to 1Password for iOS, and developers are all over it. Launch Center Pro and Riposte are two […]

Developers: Here’s how to add a little 1Password to your iOS apps (Update 2x)

Hey developers, know what your apps and 1Password for iOS have in common? They’re two great tastes that taste even better together, thanks to some of the URL schemes we added to 1Password 4.1 for iOS. Here’s how to get a little slice of 1Password into your apps to make the login and web browsing […]

1Password 4.1 for iOS adds… way too much great stuff to fit in a post title

Just in time for the weekend, 1Password 4.1 for iOS has hit the App Store. This is such a great update that we had to categorize all the changelog items under headings so you can keep track of them all. True story. Some of the best additions are in the all-new tab-slinging, form-filling Web Mode. […]