1Password for iOS Features: Action Bar

One of my favorite things about the new 1Password for iOS is that it’s fast, but I’m not just talking about under the hood stuff for developers. I mean that a lot of its new features like Web Mode and Favorites make you fast. They let you get in, get what you need, and get on with […]

1Password for iOS featurecast – Web Mode

Yes, featurecast. Not a podcast, kind of a screencast, but really, a featurecast: I want to use a little more than screenshots and smoke signals to show off some of the great stuff in 1Password, but still keep each video short ‘n sweet ‘n easy to digest. That means low-calorie, high 1Password nutrition, gluten-free. Think 1:10 […]

1Password for iOS Features: There and back again with the clipboard

The scene: you’re creating a new password for a Login or another app on your device. The protagonist: you. The antagonist: tapping too many times to create a password, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it somewhere else. The solution: our new Copy to Clipboard option in 1Password for iOS! Whenever you create a […]

1Password for iOS Features: Categories are the new Wallet

There’s a lot of new stuff in the new 1Password for iOS—I mean, a lot—but one of the most important changes is the new Categories tab. We rounded up all the different types of stuff you keep safe and use in 1Password and made it all more flexible, not to mention easier on the eyes. […]