Large even prime number discovered

You have probably been taught that two is the only even prime number. But today mathematicians at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople have discovered a new, large, even prime. It is more than a million digits long and is equal to the value of 3²²³⁷⁵⁶¹+3¹¹¹⁸⁷⁸¹. Many people are under the erroneous belief […]

1Password 4 for Mac delayed so AgileBits team can focus on refreshing WWDC announcement page

1Password 4 for Mac is shaping up to be our greatest release ever, and no one is more excited for you to see it than we are. However, as of today, April 1, 1Password 4 for Mac has been delayed indefinitely so the entire AgileBits team can focus on refreshing Apple’s WWDC website in anticipation of 2013 […]