Mountain Lion Update: 10.8.1 is out today

Apple has released the first update to Mountain Lion, version 10.8.1, as of today. So if you’re one of the more cautious folks who never install the “dot zero” update, now’s your chance to pull the trigger. If you already made the leap, you can go to the Mac App Store and get your update […]

1Password was born ready for Mountain Lion

As you may have heard, Apple has a new kitty¬†called Mountain Lion on the way, due out sometime in July. Apple’s site naturally brags about things like “over 200+ new features” and “more, better, faster,” but I’m sure your top question is: “but will 1Password be ready?!” The short and sweet answer is: like Terry […]

Do you know where your software comes from? Gatekeeper will help

You trust us to provide you tools that keeps some of your very valuable secrets safe. Part of that trust means that, when you install or update 1Password or Knox, you know the app you are getting comes from us. After all, if a bad guy produces a modified version of 1Password, it could do […]

Go Tell it on the Mountain Lion: 1Password will be there

Mountain Lion and Safari 5.2 are on their way, and 1Password is readier than it has ever been at this stage in an operating system upgrade. It won’t be news to anyone that Apple has announced that the new next version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion, will be released in the summer of […]