Doing the two-step until the end of time

In my discussion of Dropbox’s new two-step authentication, I skimped on the cryptography. Because we had to move quickly, I wanted to focus at the time just on our recommendations, so I told a few fibs about how the way the six digit codes “get” to your phone. Now I want to explain how it […]

1Password users should wait a bit before trying Dropbox’s two-step verification

Dropbox has just released a new, optional, two-step authentication process. 1Password 3 (Mac and iOS) and 1Password for Windows use Dropbox for synchronizing your 1Password data across systems and platforms. So anything that has to do with Dropbox security is of interest to us and to 1Password users. The bottom line is that I recommend […]

Two Factor or not Two Factor

“Why doesn’t 1Password offer two factor authentication?” That is a question we face regularly, and one we often ask of ourselves. Ultimately, the question boils down to two kinds of data security risk: threats to confidentiality versus threats to availability. What is Multifactor Authentication? Before we descend into the buzzwords that this topic requires, let […]