1Password touch Pro 2.1 gets its iPhone OS 3.0 groove on

Today is iPhone OS 3.0 day, and we had to get in on the fun with a new version of 1Password touch for iPhone and iPod touch. The “standard” version will continue to sell for $4.99 in the App Store, and it is now iPhone OS 3.0 compatible.

But 1Password touch Pro 2.1 hops on the iPhone OS 3.0 train in a big way by gaining new features like Copy & Paste and an all-new bookmarklet for Safari (click here to get it). We also have some big features planned for it – such as wireless WebDAV sync – so to celebrate, it’s on sale from its regular price for just $5.99. Get it while it’s hot, folks.

Both versions have gained a backup feature that allows users with a modern browser to securely back up and restore their 1Password touch information. This feature works regardless of whether you use 1Password on the Mac, or even a Mac at all. Windows and Linux users, this one is especially for you.

To show off the new features in 1Pt Pro 2.1, as well as the backup feature of both versions, we made y’all a short screencast. It clocks in at less than two minutes, so give it a whirl, check out our documentation, comment here on the blog, or check out our forums if you need more information or just want to say hi.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions