Features coming soon to 1Password touch Pro (Updated)

Update: We released 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.2 in early August with some new features, so we have updated this chart accordingly. 1Password touch Pro’s price has also increased to $7.99 on its journey towards its eventual price of $14.99.

Original post:

Earlier this week we explained why 1Password touch Pro is not yet so different from its little brother, and why we will be offering it at a heavily discounted sale price for a while. But if you’re wondering which upcoming features actually put the “Pro” in 1Password touch Pro, this is the post for you.

Below is a chart which details the current features that separate 1Password touch Pro from the standard version. More importantly, it lists some of the big new features that are coming soon to the Pro version:


Features on the way include Favorites for easy access to frequently used items, Folders to better organize your 1Password information, and wireless sync via MobileMe and other WebDAV services. But those are just the big ones that the developers will let me talk about publicly – they have plenty of other exciting features in store for 1Password touch Pro.

If 1Password touch is your weapon of choice, don’t fret. It will continue to get other new features and compatibility upgrades.

We know that, right now, the feature differences between 1Password touch and Pro are not quite where they should be. This is partly why 1Password touch Pro, at the time of this writing, is heavily discounted at $5.99 from its eventual retail price. For those who are on the decision fence between these two version, we hope this chart helps you make your choice.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions