Getting 1Password to work on Snow Leopard (Updated)


Maybe you’re a developer helping Apple put some final spit and polish on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the forthcoming major update that’s due by September this year. Or maybe you’re an ahem enthusiastic user who just has to peek at what Apple has behind the curtain. Either way, you are now frantically looking for a way to continue living in a pre-release Snow Leopard world without 1Password working with Safari.

That’s right, while our developer ninjas typically slice through browser updates with startlingly silent speed, we tend to wait for Apple to publicly ship its major OS updates before springing into action. A lot can change during the beta period of an OS, and constantly keeping up with those changes can create a lot of busywork – work that takes us away from supporting our customers and making 1Password even more awesome.

However, as it turns out, 1Password 2.9.19 should work fairly well on Snow Leopard. Our plug-in for most browsers should also work, except for Safari. To get 1Password running in Safari on Snow Leopard, you can perform two simple steps from this post in our forums, courtesy of 1Password developer Chad Seldomridge. To quote:

  1. Configure Safari to run in 32-bit mode (Use Get Info in Finder and enable the 32-bit mode under the General section).
  2. Edit the file and set the Safari.MaxBundleVersion value to 6532 (Update: value changed from 6531 to 6532 for latest Snow Leopard build 10A402a)

That should make 1Password happy in Safari on Snow Leopard, but remember: this is not an official statement of support. 1Password is still completely unsupported on Snow Leopard, so if you need help, swing on by the aforelinked thread to post feedback and ask questions.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions