1Password 2.9.21 is out

This is a minor release, but we did some good bug squashin this time around. You can use the 1Password > Check for Updates menu to grab the new version, and here’s a rundown of what’s new:

  1. Replaced the .1report extension with plain old .html for Diagnostic Reports.
  2. Updated the Switch to Agile Keychain window to make it clear what the password is for, added the ability to specify a reminder hint.
  3. Updated Registration Required prompt.
  4. Fixed rare 1Password freezing problem that could happen on launch.
  5. Search no longer includes item UUIDs in the search criteria.
  6. Fixed problem where the contents of the Sync Conflict Resolver Window was empty in some cases.
  7. Fixed memory leak in Safari extension.
  8. Fixed missing localization of several strings.


David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions