Macworld tips its hat twice at 1Password

While speaking on the general topic of how – and why – to create stronger passwords, Macworld’s Joe Kissell recommends 1Password as a way to better secure one’s online life. More specifically, Kissell writes:

Agile Web Solutions’ outstanding $40 1Password utility includes a flexible password generator among its many features.

In case you haven’t seen the particular tool that Kissell is referring to, it is the Strong Password Generator, available from either your browser’s 1P toolbar button or the 1Password right-click contextual menu. It’s a great, customizable tool that automatically generates extremely secure, customizable passwords for the sites you need to log into. You can opt to save these passwords as Logins in your Agile Keychain, and they are protected and encrypted with the same, single Master Password as the rest of your 1Password data.

In a second post about keeping your online life organized, Kissell again recommends 1Password as a “high-powered password manager.” He also touts 1Password’s ability to organize not just passwords, but other information like credit card numbers, FTP credentials, membership details, garage door codes, and much, much more. He even mentions our 1Password touch app for iPhone and iPod touch as a way to securely bring all your information on the go.

“Other utilities, whatever their virtues, are far less convenient and versatile.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks to Joe Kissell and Macworld for such wonderful compliments!

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions