A potential solution to keep 1Password's button in Safari 4's toolbar

We’ve had a few reports that, after updating to Safari 4, our 1Password button may refuse to stay in the toolbar. We aren’t quite sure of the scope of the problem yet, but we think we have a potential solution.

Part of the problem may simply be due to changes that Apple made to Safari’s toolbar, and we’re looking into this. If you use Evernote, there is also a bug in its Safari button that causes 1Password (and others, such as TabExpose) to get knocked out of the toolbar each time Safari is started.

Evernote told us that this is a high priority bug they’re looking into. In the interim, we have a solution that might help users to get back their toolbar buttons for 1Password and other apps.

Below is a command that you can copy and paste into Terminal (found in /Applicatons/Utilities) to reset your Safari 4 toolbar. This should reset it back to Apple’s default arrangement of back/forward buttons, the address bar, and Google search box. Quit Safari, then paste this into Terminal and hit return:

defaults delete com.apple.safari "NSToolbar Configuration BrowserWindowToolbarIdentifier"

If it works, the only confirmation you will see is a prompt for a new command (this is Terminal’s way of saying “Thank you, sir, may I please have s’more?”). Restart Safari, and you should see the default button arrangement (Evernote users will see its button added automatically). To get 1Password and any other buttons back, select View > Customize Toolbar to display a sheet of all available buttons. Drag the ones you want to the toolbar, click “Done,” and they should now stick between Safari sessions.

Of course, let us know here if this solution works for you (or if it doesn’t), and we’ll keep looking into the issue.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions