Suggestion – How to make App Store better

I read a post today about a couple of developers that, combined, created over 3,000 iPhone applications. It means that they were submitting over 8 apps/day every day since the opening of the App Store. You can guess what the quality and the overall value of these apps are. This is just another kind of spam.

I feel there is a simple way to stop it:

  • Bug report #7115720
  • Problem Report Title: Please charge iPhone developers per submitted application
  • Product: iPhone
  • Classification: Enhancement

There is a small number of developers that flood the App Store with huge number of low quality applications. It reduces the value of App Store and slows down the overall application review process. One of the examples is described in this article:

Please consider charging the developers an annual per-application listing free. This will make the process of “spamming the App Store” much less attractive.

I am sure the developers will appreciate the shorter review times and the fact that their applications are easier to find in a spam-free store.

Roustem Karimov, Co-author of 1Password