1Password and 1Password Pro 2.2 updates released

1Pt_Pro_icon.png1Pt_Std_icon.pngGood news everyone: The App Store badge on your iPhone or iPod touch should be sporting at least one red icon, and there’s a great reason for that! We released updates for 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro, bringing both to version 2.2. What’s so awesome about a couple of small updates? I’m glad you asked.

1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro both received some major new features, as well as roughly a (virtual) ton of changes and fixes (no joke, we weighed it on our virtual office scale). We outlined some of these upcoming features and differences between 1Password touch and its big Pro brother back in June, and this 2.2 update delivers on some of them.

First, 1Password touch now has our custom Quick Copy and Paste feature that the Pro version gained in June. This feature took a little while longer to bring to the standard version because of a rejection over a minor issue, but then we simply got bowled over with customer support questions about 1Password touch Pro and iPhone OS 3.0. With the release of 1Password touch 2.2, owners can copy an entire username, password, software license, or other snippet with a single tap.

1Password touch also gains a database reset option, auto-capitalization in Notes fields, support for Landscape Mode in various views (including the browser!), and the ability to rearrange the toolbar tabs.

1Password touch Pro lives up to its “Pro” name with two exclusive new features, as well as all the improvements and fixes we added to the standard version. First, 1Password touch Pro can sync the folders you create in 1Password for the Mac to keep all your stuff organized on-the-go (note that creating, editing, or adding items to folders is coming in a future update). Second, you can now copy multiple fields to the clipboard when using our Look Up in 1Password Safari bookmarklet.

There really are quite a few feature changes and bug fixes in both of these new versions of 1Password touch, so be sure to check out their iTunes pages for the full details. Also remember that 1Password touch Pro is on sale for a limited time while we add Pro-level features. 1Password touch Pro will eventually cost $14.99. But you can grab a copy for a steal of a price ($7.99 as of this writing) and lock in free updates.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions