How to: Use the multi-item clipboard feature in 1Password touch Pro

Ask for a better explanation of how to use 1Password touch Pro’s multi-item clipboard, and ye shall receive. We’ve created a short demo video, embedded above, on how to use this feature. It uses a basic example of Facebook’s mobile site which requires an email and password, but it should apply to just about any login or form-filling situation.

Let us know what you think of the demo. When all you need is a single password most of the time, our Quick Copy and Paste feature works great. When you need multiple items, you need to do some more leg work in order to skirt around several limitations in how we’re allowed to interact with Mobile Safari. Naturally, we’re always on the hunt for better ways to implement features, and we have a couple ideas in the oven.

Also note that the multi-item clipboard feature is a 1Password touch Pro exclusive. While we’re adding Pro-level features, 1Password touch Pro is on sale from its eventual regular price of $14.99. We are slowly increasing the price as we add features, but as of this writing, you can score 1Password touch Pro for only $7.99 – nearly 50% off.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions