Someone at TNT's "Leverage" likes 1Password 3

We’re still wrapping up our private beta test of 1Password 3, but already it appears as though someone on the production crew of TNT’s “Leverage” drama is a fan.

Take a look at some comparison screenshots from a recent Leverage episode called “The Top Hat Job.” Call me crazy, but that sure looks like an homage to 1Password 3’s new lock screen:


Here’s another shot with two before-and-after stills from the episode:


Thanks for the love TNT, and thanks to 1Password customer Kevin Ayers for tipping us off!

Note to private beta testers: This screenshot of our new lock screen has been out for a while. Please keep all screenshots, blog posts, and tweets locked in their full and upright positions until 1Password 3 has landed for the general public.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions