Upgrading to Snow Leopard? Try the 1Password 3 beta early

UPDATE: Please see Update: 1Password and Snow Leopard

Last weekend we discussed the ins and outs of what the release of Snow Leopard means for users of 1Password 2 and our forthcoming sequel, 1Password 3: The Revenge of the Awesome. However, we’re still getting questions about 1Password 3 and whether users should upgrade to Snow Leopard, so I’m going to revisit the topic.

In a nut: 1Password 3, still in private beta testing, is the only version of 1Password that is currently being tested and supported to run on Snow Leopard. If you haven’t gotten into the private beta yet, though, fret not, for we have good news, especially if you’re itching to upgrade to Snow Leopard as soon as it arrives on Friday.

When you try to run 1Password 2 after upgrading to Snow Leopard, you will gain a free pass into the 1Password 3 beta. That’s right: pass go, collect $200, do not go to jail. Except, we aren’t giving you $200, and I don’t think you could be jailed for running 1Password 2 on Snow Leopard… but you will see a prompt like the one below for downloading a beta trial version of 1Password 3:

1P2 SL prompt.jpg

These betas are fully functional and offered only to Snow Leopard users (for now) since they’re the ones who need 1Password 3 the most. We ask that those opting into the beta to please participate in the beta process by submitting bug reports and letting us know if things go wrong. After all, that’s what the “beta” thing is all about.

Now we don’t want to force people to test 1Password 3, so as an alternative, we documented how to make 1Password 2 run on Snow Leopard. It is an unsupported configuration, but many users have reported success. When upgrading to Snow Leopard, you will need to decide if you want to use the unsupported 1Password 2, or help test 1Password 3.

Don’t forget: 1Password 3 is our first paid upgrade ever, and we have a very wide-open window for giving free license upgrades to owners of 1Password 2. 1Password 3 is effectively a trial version, but testers can update during the beta process until it officially ships and a full or upgraded license for 1Password 3 will be required.

UPDATE: Please see Update: 1Password and Snow Leopard