CNET: 1Password is "the easy way to surf securely"

CNET_logo-1.jpg1Password won an Editor’s Choice Award from CNET earlier this year, but it is once again back in the tech network’s spotlight.

In CNET’s newsletter this week, Senior Associate Editor Jason Parker recommends 1Password as the easy way to surf securely and as the best in its class:

Most people start to use the same login names and passwords for everything, but clearly this is not a secure practice. Fortunately there are programs that remember your login information for you. This week we have the latest update to 1Password, possibly the best in its class for the Mac. Download this app to find out how easy it can be to always be safe and secure with your logins while you surf.

Safe, secure, and easy – the best of all three worlds! Thanks Jason and CNET!

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions