1Password 3 Feature Spotlight: 1PasswordAnywhere

Now that we’ve outed some of 1Password 3’s hottest new features, it’s time to start exploring some of them in our Feature Spotlight series. First up is one of our most-requested features: 1PasswordAnywhere.

1Password is a Mac application, but what about the times when you’re visiting that one family member for the holidays who hasn’t switched yet, and you need your webmail password? Maybe you’re on Linux at work, or simply someone else’s Mac, and you need to quickly look up some FTP credentials or a Secure Note? If you don’t sync 1Password with one of our 1Password touch apps for iPhone and iPod touch, 1PasswordAnywhere has you covered.

As the successor to my1Password, which we began working on in 2007, 1PasswordAnywhere allows you to view your 1Password keychain anywhere you have a modern browser and an Internet connection or other access to your keychain. Whether you keep (or copy) your keychain on a USB thumb drive or use Dropbox, our favorite syncing service, you can now decrypt and view your keychain on Windows and Linux PCs virtually anywhere you are. This provides the convenience of always having your keychain with you (no matter what computer you’re on) while ensuring that your data is kept as secure and encrypted as possible.

How to use 1PasswordAnywhere

1PasswordAnywhere (1PA) is built into every Agile Keychain used by 1Password 3. To use 1PA when away from your Mac and 1Password, you will need access to your Agile Keychain using something like a USB thumb drive or online with Dropbox. Here’s a short run-through on how to use 1PasswordAnywhere:

  1. On non-Mac operating systems your keychain will appear as a regular folder (don’t worry, all your data is still very secure. Open that folder
  2. Open the first file inside of your keychain, called 1Password.html, in a modern browser like Firefox or Safari (sorry IE users, but it’s going to take some extra time to get 1PA working in your browser)
  3. You will be greeted with a password prompt. Enter your Master Password, and you can view and copy all your data from a replication of 1Password 3’s new UI

In fact, your keychain will appear as a folder in Dropbox, and there is no need to download it. Just click the 1Password.html file, as 1PasswordAnywhere will “do the right thing” and run properly in your browser.

Note to MobileMe iDisk users: Many of our customers have reported that iDisk is too slow for syncing 1Password keychains, so we strongly recommend against using it. However, you can place a copy of your keychain on your iDisk before going on a trip and download a copy later to access 1PasswordAnywhere. Unfortunately, you cannot start 1PasswordAnywhere straight from me.com like you can with Dropbox.

What you can do with 1PasswordAnywhere

You will find that you can view all of your data is in 1PasswordAnywhere, including Logins, Identities, Secure Notes, Software Licenses, Wallet Items, generated Passwords, and even the Trash. You can copy and paste information into shopping carts and login forms, and your Login passwords are hidden until you click “reveal” next to each one.

Watch the demo video above to see 1PasswordAnywhere in action on Windows and a Mac. In a nut, 1PasswordAnywhere is your 1Password home away from 1Password.

David Chartier
Chief Media Producer, Agile Web Solutions